Night of a Thousand Ted Lassos

Let me guess—you were Ted Lasso for Halloween. You and everyone I follow on Instagram.

I'm not mad! I think it's great you dressed in a tracksuit and made a BELIEVE sign and put on that fake mustache and whistle.

What I am mad about is the great trick-or-treating night debate because it is very dumb.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that Halloween should always be the final Saturday in October. Kids, teachers, and parents need a buffer day to get that blood sugar leveled out and recover from a night of revelry before getting back to the school day grind.

But look. I'm not in charge. And until I am, Halloween is going to rotate through the days of the week, and sometimes it's going to fall on Sunday. In which case, some kids will trick-or-treat on Saturday and some kids will trick-or-treat on Sunday, and it doesn't really matter—just set out a bowl if you don't want to answer the door. This is not a big deal and everyone needs to calm down.

I Ran 100 Miles (And, No, I Still Don't Know Why)

Justin Davies wrote about what it’s like to run 100 miles and I don’t know if a piece has ever made me cry the way this one did.

The human body is bizarre. I don’t exaggerate when I say I was DONE a few hours earlier. I couldn’t force my legs to move any faster than a very slow limp. And yet here I was, running down the final steep descent, feeling like I might actually finish this damn thing after all.
Just to keep things spicy, my dad took a violent tumble at mile 99, cutting open a gash on his arm and making it hard for him to breathe for the last couple of miles, but eventually we exited the trail onto the gravel road signaling the home stretch.
We could hear the finish line before we could see it, and I was overwhelmed with a flood of emotion.
I wrote last month that the problem with tying achievement to self-worth is the threat of failure tends to paralyze you. I’d been paralyzed into thinking I’d never run a 100-miler.
I’d think about lacing up my shoes after all these years away from the sport to end up having a “bad” race. One where an injury flared up early on because I hadn’t gotten into the kind of shape I should have. One where I’d spend the latter portion of the race getting passed by dozens of runners instead of the other way around. One where I’d cross the finish line and feel like I was less than because it didn’t go a very specific way.
And, of course, I had exactly that kind of race and exactly none of that held true when I crossed the finish line after 27 hours and 47 minutes on the trail.
On the other side of that line, both literally and figuratively, there were only friends and family cheering me on. The people without whom I wouldn’t have been able to start this race, let alone finish it.

Read the full piece here:

I Ran 100 Miles (and, No, I Still Don’t Know Why)
Hi. I ran 100 miles last month. Here’s how it went.


LRE has the perfect words for the Fresh Wolf event featured on this week's episode.

At this event space they’re preparing for a sponsored charity event for Utah Foster Care and the launch of Fresh Wolf, a men’s grooming line Lisa’s children “created” last season. As we’ve seen before, Lisa is a bad liar:
There is nothing Lisa loves more than another business.
We don’t let children vote or operate heavy machinery; and likewise, we shouldn’t allow them to name their own brands lest we wind up with another Fresh Wolf. Or Meta.

Read the full piece here:

RHOSLC Season 2, Episode 8: Please Don’t Send Jesus After Me
We don’t let children vote or operate heavy machinery; and likewise, we shouldn’t allow them to name their own brands lest we wind up with another Fresh Wolf. Or Meta.

From the Podcast

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Paige Wightman presents a number of options for a progressive Friendsgiving dinner, plus JEN SHAH FINALLY GETS ARRESTED

One More Thing!

If you're feeling extra Friday-y this Friday, take a minute and enjoy these TikToks, from locomotive enthusiast Francis Bourgeois.