Café Anh Hong Reopens at Sandy Location

Café Anh Hong Reopens at Sandy Location

As a food writer, I’m often asked where to get the best food in Utah. The distinguished list may be longer than you think, but there is definitely some good dim sum in SLC. Towards the top of the list is Café Anh Hong, the Cantonese favorite that had been closed for a bit due to rising rent prices has now relocated to Sandy, and is dishing up the tasty eats fans of the restaurant have missed. Oh, and since no one gave me the heads up before dining there, expect paper plates, plastic forks, and solo cups for your delivery vessels beyond chopsticks. There was no clear answer given as to why they need all disposable dishware, just a nod, and a smile when asked.

Touted as the dim sum experts, and for a good reason, plan on going on a Saturday or Sunday for the very best selections from Chef Wu, all cozied up on a mobile food cart that comes around the restaurant. For readers not familiar with dim sum, it is basically appetizer-sized portions, so you can order as many as you need to satisfy all your cravings.

You will find all the favorites on the menu: pork sui mai, pan-fried potstickers, chicken feet and steamed pork “buM” (yes, spelled “bum” throughout the menu, which gave me a chuckle, and I found endearing). I enjoyed the soft, pillowed puffs of the BBQ pork bums filled with a sweet pork interior, crispy pan-fried potstickers filled with some tasty pork filling, and my go-to cream cheese wontons.

Beyond dim sum, (if you dare to go beyond) are the sharable Cantonese dishes. Some of my favorites are the Chinese broccoli with beef, the salt and pepper squid, the classic lemon chicken, and ham fried rice. Also, important to note, noodles are made in-house so they are fresh.

The Chinese broccoli had a nice crunch, while the beef was favorable and tender. Whenever I see it on a menu, salt and pepper squid is a staple for me. Chef Wu’s was lightly battered with a tender and chewy inside, just like I hoped. Lemon chicken is a weakness of mine, the lightly battered chicken bites doused in a light lemony sauce call to me. All selected portions were placed on a generous bed of loaded ham fried rice on my paper plate, making me a very happy diner.
As far as the ambiance, there are a few booths, several large round tables with center lazy Susan’s and Chinese décor. For those in wheelchairs, they said they had a disabled parking spot, although after looking I could not locate it. A makeshift ramp that requires a hefty push up and just fits a standard wheelchair is located on the front sidewalk.

Visit Chef Wu at 8650 S 1300 E, Sandy, UT 84094. (801) 486-1912

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