Caitlin Hansen, Welcome To The Beehive

Caitlin Hansen: The New Face Of Today In The Beehive

Hey You-tah! Are you ready to get buzzed? Join Caitlin Hansen for today’s stories buzzing around our hive. #getbuzzed

From Caitlin:

“I come from 14-years in the traditional TV news industry and am excited to make Today In The Beehive a bit cheekier and off the cuff. No one needs another serious newscast. I want to share the stories I care about and that we, as a collective, care about. The stories that make waves and make us laugh. Informative, informal, and hopefully even inspirational.”

Catch Caitlin on Today In The Beehive at 6 PM, Monday-Thursday. The podcast is available the following morning wherever you listen to podcasts.

Welcome to The Beehive team, Caitlin! We’re so glad you’re here.

1820: The Musical, Surprisingly Not A Joke

1820: The Musical is a local production written in reaction to the Tony and Grammy award-winning musical The Book of Mormon and I can't believe it's real:

" 'This isn’t the stuffy, preachy period piece some people might think it is,' said Kerilyn Johnson, who plays Emma Smith. Rather, it’s full of contemporary music and dance, from a toe-tapping pop song about Emma and Joseph’s courtship (“Kiss My Cheek”) to a hip-hop number about why husbands should help their wives around the house (“Kiss Forever Bye-Bye”)."

I don't know about you, but they had me at "heavy dancing"(???) and Celtic influences.

The Beach Makes You Old

Meg and Eli watched Old. They hated it and would absolutely watch it again.

They got hotter, right?

A Question Of Fit

This week on No Baller, Chris explores the Los Angeles Laker's acquisition of Westbrook’s talent and if it's enough to overcome the questionable fit, the future of  upsets in college football with the shift towards a 4-team playoff and now conference realignment, and how the smartest organizations agree that roster building becomes a numbers game: asset accumulation is the best pathway to success, because all organizations will (sooner rather than later) whiff on picks, signings, and evaluations.

Begin Your Search Where Hikers Rest, Jr.

Nothing is more thrilling to me than cryptic poetry, a Utah treasure hunt worth $10k, and a bad wig:

"The treasure hunt, which received national attention at the peak of its excitement, kicked off on June 19 with a cryptically written poem posted on Cline and Maxim’s Instagram accounts. The two friends added additional hints and clues to further clarify where the treasure lay hidden in the weeks that followed.
'I’ll be honest, I kind of lucked into it,' Swanger explains of the series of events that led to the discovery."

Cline and Maxim have another treasure hunt in the works—this time for kids.