Calling All Honey Bucketeers

Calling All Honey Bucketeers

My name is Chris Rawle and I am a Honey Bucket user. I’m coming clean to the world in hopes of changing how we treat porta potty users reacclimating to their surroundings. I’ve spent days hovering outside in-use Honey Buckets with a loopy grin on my face, ready to greet these beaten souls with the respect they deserve. I’ve had strangers break down in joyful tears when I tell them, “It’s okay, it’s okay, we heard everything. It’s okay.”

Two months ago I created the Honey Bucket Challenge to help porta potty users feel more at ease when they step back into the real world. The challenge was simple: smile at someone when they exit a Honey Bucket. As of now, zero people have accepted the challenge.

Look, I get it — no one wants to be stuck using a Honey Bucket. However, fate and circumstance can conspire against even the best laid plans. There is great humility required to step inside a humid box and relieve yourself, splashes echoing for all to hear. There is no greater low than stumbling outside those thin plastic walls and seeing strangers shake their heads in disgust and turn away.

While I may have failed at getting even a single person to partake in the Honey Bucket Challenge, I won’t give up. I’ve created a support group called the Honey Bucketeers. We meet once a month at a solitary Honey Bucket in the center of a serene field. One by one, each Bucketeer enters the porta potty while everyone else listens in silence. We don’t judge. We don’t offer advice. When they open the door, clammy and ashamed, we hose them down with love and ask for the same in return.

If you are interested in becoming a Honey Bucketeer, email me at I can’t do this alone. My love is finite. My Honey Bucket use knows no bounds. Alone, I’m just a sweaty man holding his breath inside a porta potty. But together, we can sweat as one as we greet a Honey Bucketeer who passes through the threshold with a giant exhale.

(Design: Josh Fowlke) (Editor: Rachel Swan)