Don't Be Afraid Of The Shadow People, True Stories From Utah's Haunted Hospitals: Saint Mark's

Don't Be Afraid Of The Shadow People, True Stories From Utah's Haunted Hospitals: Saint Mark's

This is the third and final part in a three part series on Utah's haunted hospitals. Check out part 1 on Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, and part 2 on psych wards.

A nurse at Saint Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake told of an experience another nurse shared with her. The nurse was performing post-mortem care on a patient who had just passed away. Because this is something nurses have to do and reason #419 it's good I'm not a nurse. This nurse was alone in the room with the dead body, doing whatever it is you do to dead bodies (I don’t want to know). He didn’t hear the door open, but felt someone touch his shoulders. He said “Oh hey,” and turned to talk to what he assumed was another nurse who had come to help clean the patient. But when he turned he found... no one standing behind him. This is 100% the ending of a horror movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar that someone made me watch in college. BUT IT REALLY HAPPENED.

Speaking of fictional characters becoming real and moving to Utah, Peeves has transferred from Hogwarts to Saint Marks, and he's haunting Room 11. Not just one Room 11, Room 11 on three different floors. They all have issues.

A CNA was sent to Room 11 on the top floor of the hospital to retrieve an IV pole out of the bathroom. The room had been empty for a while and cleaned by the janitorial staff, a team known for its meticulous scouring, after the previous patient’s departure. However when the CNA walked into the bathroom, she found a large puddle of blood on the bathroom floor.

On the floor just below, multiple patients and staff members have reported seeing a person walk into the bathroom in Room 11 when no patient is occupying the room.

And on the floor below that, the Code Blue button for Room 11 often goes off when the room is unoccupied. Pressing the button must be done deliberately, since doing so indicates a patient is dying and summons all on-hand staff to the room. The button is located where it cannot be bumped or accidentally run into. Like, you have to make a real effort to push it. Which someone or something has done. A lot.

“Whatever is haunting room 11 is just trying to give us a hard time,” the nurse says. “And is doing a really good job.”

And this concludes our look inside Utah's haunted hospitals. That's not to say these are Utah's only haunted hospitals. They're just the haunted hospitals to which my sources directed me.

Is it possible that those sources are sleep deprived and overworked, and suffering from hallucinations? I guess. Are these healthcare professionals dealing with death far more often than the average person and somehow coping with tales of the paranormal? Sure. Did I want to feel spooked exploring these places? Fine. Yes. But it's Halloween. Er, two days after. Don't be a hater. These places are haunted.