Eat Some Chips And Guacamole To Feel Just A Moment's Peace

I've been to Lone Star Taqueria four times in the last three weeks.

It's not near my house. It has the most chaotic parking lot in the county. I usually have to awkwardly stare at innocent strangers for 30 minutes before they get annoyed and give up their table. It is in no way a convenient place to eat.

But it is absolutely worth the endorphins that shoot through my brain every time I take that first bite of a (triple?)-fried chip dipped in guacamole.  It's the perfect comfort food and lately I think we've all needed a lot of comfort.

In addition to the chips and guac, I like to order the "salad," which features the infamous chips, maybe a quarter cup of lettuce, cheese, chicken, beans, and a mayo-cilantro dressing. It's like the inside of a burrito fell out of its tortilla and decided to call itself a salad. And there's no better salad in all the land.

Stories To Watch

If you're going to watch any one part of yesterday's COVID-19 briefing, make it 14:40- 23:50 when Dr. Hofmann speaks:

I'm exhausted by this never-ending pandemic and I'm just some doofus who sits at her computer writing about fake salads all day. I cannot even begin to fathom how worn out and frustrated our healthcare professionals must be.

Utah Has Good Indian Food With Multiple Spices

Anneke Garcia put together a list of Utah's best Indian options.

"You don’t even need to schlep back to D.C. for nice sit-down Indian fare. Utah County’s Bombay House and India Palace have been making foodies out of timid fresh-faced first dates for years. In Salt Lake, there are quite a few options, but a personal favorite is the long-time local establishment Star of India, which currently resides in the Ramada Inn at Redwood and North Temple. They’re still not back to full in-house service, but are open for take out and “take-in.” You can order ahead or once you arrive and they’ll package your dinner to go but let you eat it in their spacious dining room, keeping social distance from other patrons where you want it. One of Khanani’s recommendations for the Desi dinner beginner is especially good here: Shajahani biryani is a tasty, savory chicken-rice dish that comes in a generous portion accompanied by cooling cucumber yogurt condiment called raita. Order it mild for the tender ones in your party or heat it up for the brave. We also really enjoyed the vegetarian chile paneer, but any of the “curry” dishes they offer (remember: curry is not a spice!) are good choices. Indulge in some appetizers with deep-fried savory samosas or accompany your meal with one of the several tasty Indian flat breads. Naan is a favorite of Americans, but roti and onion kulcha are just as mouthwatering.‌‌"

I mentioned this in the last newsletter, but it's worth mentioning again and in every newsletter in the future- Anneke was on Jeopardy! With Alex Trebek!

For Your Auditory Enjoyment

This week on Hive Mind we created an elaborate backstory for the Jazz Bear,

analyzed the latest beach shenanigans on Bachelor In Paradise,

and did a deep dive into Mrs. Doubtfire, a movie well worth a revisit.

Strangerville Live

‌The September 3 show is completely sold out, but there are a few tickets left for September 4. It's the same show! The same four hilarious storytellers! Same venue! Same time! Just a different night!‌

Coming Up On The Beehive

Arianna Rees spent her summer searching for treasure in the mountains, and while she didn't find the $10,000, maybe the real treasure was the friends she made along the way. JK she probably would prefer the $10K, but I'll let her tell you.

Look out for her piece in your inbox this Friday.