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Hive Mind Podcast: Matilda

Hive Mind Podcast: Matilda

. 1 min read

Hive Mind is a weekly podcast hosted by Meg Walter, and Eli McCann who consider themselves pop culture aficionados and opinion-havers about all things media.

In this very British episode of Hive Mind, Eli and Meg discuss The Great British Baking Show and being forced to wait a week between episodes like it’s the freaking nineties again. Then Meg tries to convince Eli to watch Love Island. She does not succeed. And finally, they talk Matilda, Danny Devito’s film interpretation of Roald Dahl’s literary classic. Eli and Meg don’t agree on everything, but they do agree that Sticky Money, the tv show Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood force their tenacious daughter Matilda to watch, should absolutely be a real show. Because they would absolutely watch it.

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