I Still Regret Not Buying A Roots Beret

Had I heard of Nathan Chen prior to this week? No. Am I now claiming to have seen him around town and maybe met him at a party once? Yes.

If there's a hometown hero bandwagon to be hopped on, I'll be high-jumping up and offering to drive.

I'm finding myself very nostalgic for the SLC games 20 years ago, and Nathan's performance really brought out a lot of that familiar Utah pride. I suddenly understand, and envy, the citizens sporting their purple volunteer parka all these years later. And I honestly think I would pay real dollars for a green jello pin. It was a magical time to be a resident of our state and I'm thankful for the opportunity to get all Uncle Rico every four years and talk about the glory days of French judge scandals and Mitt Romney successes.

Are the Jazz Finally Out of Their Slump?

Logan Jones explains how despite their struggles, Utah remains primed for home court in the playoffs.

Currently midway through a six-game homestand, things are looking up. The Jazz beat Denver close last Wednesday to complete a season sweep over the Nuggets (despite awful perimeter shooting), then turned in a convincing wire-to-wire victory over the visiting Nets. Donovan Mitchell seems to have rediscovered something on offense, as his 32 points on 13-of-26 shooting rallied the Jazz past a floundering Knicks team despite multiple double-digit deficits.
Three wins are admittedly little more than a blip in the NBA’s 82-game season, but the recent comeback victory over New York feels like a true turning point. Where once Utah failed to defend, they instead seemed to attack, holding the Knicks to 24% shooting from distance. When New York appeared to make its move—turning a 10-point deficit into a 12-point lead in a near-catastrophic third quarter for the Jazz—Utah remained in the fight.

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Are the Jazz Finally Out of Their Slump?
Look, we don’t have to talk about January any more than we already have. Let’s live in the here and now, where the Utah Jazz finally look like a team worth watching again.


LRE delivered us from Zion purgatory with her recap of the 20th episode of Housewives.

A very drunk Whitney stupidly decides that to defend Lisa’s honor, she must confront Meredith about whether her father’s memorial was fake or not. WHY. This is mean and in horrible taste, but Whitney can’t help but follow the scent of a conspiracy theory. Except she’s the only one who smells it. And you know what they say about first smelt, first dealt.
Meredith sneers, “I don’t believe that you haven’t talked to your father, Whitney. Why don’t I take something painful to you and just rip the scab off and tell you no one believes you?” But, famously, analogies don’t work on Housewives. Whitney says:
Things are not going well. Whitney says, “I wanted to know ‘cause everyone’s talking about it.” (They were not.) She asks again when Meredith’s father’s memorial was and when Meredith doesn’t give a clear answer Whitney retorts:
Rightfully, Meredith loses her shit.

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RHOSLC Season 2, Episode 20: Too Pretty for a Sprinter
This is not about friendship. This is a show within a show.

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