Utah Legislative Session So Far: Dramz

Rep. Owens made waves early this legislative session when he decided to skip an annual meeting with Utah House Democrats.

After Rep. Owens skipped, Rep. Andrew Stoddard (D-Sandy) called him out on Twitter.

Rep. Owens shot back with:

But Rep. Stoddard had the receipts:

This could be a full-season storyline on RHOSLC. And I've heard they're looking for a few new cast members...so...

In addition to the Burgess-Stoddard standoff, the first bit of Utah’s 2022 legislative session was marked mostly by COVID/education bills, though the next few weeks will bring a whole lot of tax talk.

Gov. Cox gave his annual “state of the state” address, wherein he played the hits (pandemic progress, teacher pay, water conversation, growth, and the need for unity).

“I sometimes worry that we waste too much valuable time on things that tear us apart and ultimately don’t matter. You may have noticed last year that I have very little interest in fighting the so-called culture wars.”

You can watch his full address here:

The Neutral Fan’s Guide to Super Bowl LVI

Logan Jones explains what to expect over the next two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

This year’s combatants bring two vastly different narratives to the table. The Los Angeles Rams represent the known commodity, having reached the Super Bowl as recently as 2019. They had a different QB (Jared Goff), who coach Sean McVay replaced last offseason with longtime Lions starter Matthew Stafford (maybe due to some offseason tampering, but who knows). You probably don’t remember Super Bowl LIII because it was an ultra-boring 13-3 Patriots victory in which no team, player, or fan had one ounce of fun.
The Cincinnati Bengals are the new hotness. In the eyes of Vegas oddsmakers, they are among the most unlikely teams to reach the Super Bowl in history. They’re young, they’re brash, and they dethroned the AFC’s 1-seeded Titans and dynastic Kansas City Chiefs to get this far. They’re captained by QB Joe Burrow and former college teammate Ja’Marr Chase (more on these in a moment). You probably don’t remember the last time the Bengals played in a Super Bowl because 1989 was a long time ago.

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The Neutral Fan’s Guide to Super Bowl LVI
For the next two weeks, the only sport that means anything to general audiences on the North American continent is professional football. For casual viewers, that means it’s time once again to catch up on the basic storylines following this year’s contenders before the big day.


LRE helped us navigate a true Southern Utah-style rollercoaster of emotions in the 19th episode of Housewives.

Meredith goes into Whitney’s room and sits on the end of her bed and utters some of the world’s scariest words: “I’ve gotta ask you something:”
Meredith says: “Jen has stipulated to the federal government that she has zero assets. If she’s paying for this dinner tonight, I can’t go.”
People in orange lame pant suits shouldn't throw stones. This is giving big time great-aunt-from-New Mexico-with-kokopelli-lawn-art energy.
We’re venturing into fourth-wall territory again. Jen is not paying for this dinner. Whitney is basically winking at Meredith when she says:
The husbands did not pay for this dinner.
My understanding is that Bravo foots much of the bill on these cast trips, and I don’t know why Meredith is being so weird about it with Whitney. I think she’s sleepy and wants to go to bed and she thought Whitney would be enough of an empty vessel to say she could tap out.

Read the full piece here:

RHOSLC Season 2, Episode 19: Hot Nights and Hot Mics
We rejoin our ladies for what feels like the twelfth day of their Zion trip.

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