Happy Holidays From The Beehive

We'll be taking the next two weeks off to enjoy the holidays and spend time with our families. We might even take some gold orbs and horseless saddles to Lake Powell and snap a few pics à la the Duke and Duchess.

Would you even give this a second look if it arrived in your Christmas card pile in the mail tomorrow? 

We'll see you in the new year!

But first:

So The Jazz Have Won Seven In a Row

Logan Jones was riding high after a Jazz 7-win streak.

The Jazz are a team to be reckoned with, built on principles of analytics-driven scoring advantages and defense you can really only play with a dude like Gobert anchoring your efforts. They’re a group playing great basketball early in a long season, collecting wins from its favorable schedule and riding that momentum into yet more wins against more challenging stretches.
So long as they keep pace with the red-hot Suns and a rejuvenated Warriors team, the West will surely be up for grabs come spring—and the Jazz’s dedication to smart basketball will once again get its shot for the dream postseason run Utah fans have spent their whole sports lives dreaming of.

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So The Jazz Have Won Seven In a Row
Seven straight victories have the Utah Jazz just 2.5 games behind Phoenix for the Western Conference lead—but it’s how they’ve won during this recent hot streak that earns them this week’s Beehive sports spotlight.


If you're not reading LRE's weekly Housewives recaps I weep for you.

At lunch Jen recounts the day of her arrest from the time she left the Beauty Lab parking lot—a tale best told through silent film star Heather’s reaction shots:
I’m impressed by how many expressions Heather’s face could muster without her eyebrows moving even a millimeter.
Jen says she didn’t think she needed an attorney “because I didn’t do anything” and Heather is totally on board and believes her 100%:
The most upsetting part is Jen talking about how the federal officers held her 15-year-old son at gunpoint. The history of violence against Black boys and men at the hands of police is dark and bloody and to see Jen working through worst-case scenarios is just plain sad, regardless of what she (most likely) did or didn’t do.
Heather asks Jen if she’s heard from Stuart and Jen says he WAS her assistant and they were never business partners. Hm. Would a one-time assistant/never-a-business-partner do this (?!!):
Jen should go to jail for this if nothing else.

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RHOSLC Season 2, Episode 13: Counting Lisa Barlows
We begin the episode at Lisa’s ivory tower—ahem—her Ivory Home.

From the Podcast

This week on Hive Mind: Bill Murray was right about spending Christmas Eve with his boss. Every celebrity takes a break from memorizing "Imagine" lyrics to defend Jeremy Strong. Bad Movie Club reviewed the early-2000s time capsule known as From Justin to Kelly (2003). And we beg Jen to let Coach Shah eat his Popeye's in peace on RHOSLC.

Dirty Sodas and City Cast Salt Lake

I had the pleasure of chatting with Ali Vallarta about the NY Times coverage of Utah's dirty soda shops on her new podcast City Cast Salt Lake.