Mayo-Based Sides And Accidental Arson

Mayo-Based Sides And Accidental Arson

Hope Over Hotdogs (Meg Walter, The Beehive)

“This year my celebration included a last-second, socially-distanced bike parade for the kids on our street, a barbecue with only immediate family and nary a hotdog in sight, and fireworks of the kid-friendly variety that included the ‘Pooping Puppy,’ a cardboard dog that poops out some sort of firework by-product.

And this year, because my family and I weren’t rushing from one only sort-of enjoyable activity to the next, there was time for reflection and discussion about what it means to live in America right now. And I ended the day feeling more patriotic than I ever have. Which is weird considering last week, after I watched another viral video of a woman throwing a fit about masks and read another post on social media declaring All Lives Matter I googled, “‘How to move to New Zealand.’”


From The Archives

Chance (Clint Betts, The Beehive)

"Henry joined our family in the late afternoon of a long, hard day. As soon as Brooke held him, he couldn’t stop staring at her. Their connection was instant. Henry was looking for her when his siblings came to hold him for the first time, and still looking as they whisked him away to the NICU to perform what seemed like endless tests. Three days after he was born, Henry underwent an MRI to check for tumors in his brain. When the doctors led Brooke and I into a small room to reveal the results, the solemn look on their faces told us the news. They’d found tumors. The official diagnosis was TSC; a rare genetic disorder that causes seizures, learning problems, and intellectual disabilities. Heartache and uncertainty were the immediate, terrifying side effects. They gave us the room. Another forgettable, unforgettable room where we got off our knees, wiped away our tears, and steeled ourselves for the unknown, together."


This Is The Place Podcast: Bullfrogs Are Not The Same As Bulldogs (Chris Rawle, Meg Walter, The Beehive)

Bullfrogs (NOT BULLDOGS) are taking over Utah. The DWR wants you to kill them and we can't decide if we agree. Bullfrog pros: great golf caddies, don't spread disease to humans, circular eardrums, musically gifted. Bullfrog cons: kill all amphibians, might not taste great boiled. You decide where you stand on the issue.


Strangerville Podcast: Three Dates (Eli McCann, Meg Walter, The Beehive)

This time in Strangerville, Meg shares a joke from Twitter THAT MAKES NO SENSE, Eli almost became a polygamist once, and a man tells the story of his final three dates with women.


Hive Mind: Miss Congeniality (Meg Walter, Eli McCann, The Beehive)

In this episode of Hive Mind, Eli and Meg revisit what turns out to be a problematic old favorite. Miss Congeniality suffers from being made twenty years ago, but is bolstered by Bullock's performance and iconic Miss Rhode Island line reads.


Why Tho? (Chris Rawle, Clint Betts, The Beehive)

The Huntsman dynasty falls and Spanish Fork rises.


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