Meg Walter, Editor-in-Chief

Meg Walter Selected As The Beehive’s Editor-In-Chief

Today, The Beehive announced the appointment of Meg Walter, one of Utah’s most prominent writers and podcast hosts, as the publication’s new editor-in-chief.

“I can think of no one better to lead The Beehive’s editorial team than Meg,” said Clint Betts, The Beehive’s CEO. “Meg has the unique ability to lead and communicate in an empathetic, thoughtful way while also being hilarious. The Beehive and Utah will be better with Meg in this role.”

In addition to its current slate of podcasts and other shows, The Beehive will begin publishing in-depth features and articles on

“I’ve been with The Beehive since its inception and I could not be more excited about the future of the site,” said Meg Walter. “I look forward to reaching new readers and amplifying new voices.”

Meg will oversee a team of writers, all of whom have demonstrated immense talent and a passion for Utah’s culture, food, politics, and way of life.

Since its founding, The Beehive has published features that have added a unique voice and perspective to Utah’s media landscape. Under Meg’s leadership, The Beehive will further its mission of reaching readers with thoughtfulness, humor, and storytelling.

Meg and her team will cover everything from the best fries in Utah to the implications of local elections. Expect the first feature on The Beehive and in your inbox this Friday.