Introducing: Inside The Hive

Introducing: Inside The Hive

The Beehive is proud to present Inside The Hive, a new podcast from Kyle Treasure and Hannah Barton. In each episode, Hannah and Kyle break down the latest in Utah politics in a way only two seasoned political operatives can.

In the first episode, Kyle and Hannah introduce listeners to the main players during this year's legislative session, explain the biggest bills that made their way through the legislative process, and then dive into the congressional infighting that make politics America's true favorite pastime. Listen here:

Bracket Tips For Folks Who Didn’t Watch Basketball All Season

Logan Jones walks us through the process of constructing the perfect March Madness bracket.

It’s the best postseason in sports.
Don’t worry if you haven’t watched a single college basketball game this year—neither did most of the folks in your office pool. The ones that did are probably over-confident about teams like Gonzaga or Duke based on name recognition alone, so you can still easily beat them out by following some of our basic tips below.

Read the full piece here:

Bracket Tips For Folks Who Didn’t Watch Basketball All Season
Bracket season is both art and science, analytical and chaotic—uproariously fun and immensely humbling.

The Big, Loud, Messy Joy of 'Turning Red'

L. R. Encinas reflected on Pixar's latest release, Turning Red, and how it mirrors her experiences with motherhood.

The joy of watching my daughters watch Turning Red was seeing them as they are. Six- and seven-year-olds who are smart, funny, quick to laugh, and increasingly complicated as their brains make more beautiful, messy connections.
I asked them what they thought the message of the movie was. The six-year-old said, “That it’s funny…and you can watch it so many times you forget about your other favorite shows. Like Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.” A discerning palate. The seven-year-old, the red panda-obsessed one, answered: “That you can be loud and messy and still special.”

Read the full piece here:

The Big, Loud, Messy Joy of ‘Turning Red’
It’s mental diligence to see my children as they are in the moment and not who they were, or who they’re becoming.


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  • On Bad Movie Club, we review the 1995 cult classic and lightning rod, Showgirls.
  • On Inside The Hive, we give you an overview of everything the legislature did to your life during the 2022 Utah legislative session!
  • In addition, Eli interviews Lisa Barlow and we discuss our favorite podcasts.