Could be worse. Could be Blucifer.

Just popping in real quick to encourage you to read this week's outstanding features (see below), and remind you that for all the controversy surrounding public art the last few weeks (again, see below), we are fortunate. We do not have to drive by a giant, cursed, demonic horse every time we visit the airport like the good people of Denver do.

Blucifer is just the tip of the Denver Airport conspiracy theories iceberg, theories that I don't necessarily believe, but also don't necessarily not believe.  

A Whale of Two Cities

Arianna Rees gave us the low-down on Salt Lake City's newest controversial resident: the Whale sculpture at 9th and 11th.

Sculpted by local Stephen Kesler, “Out of the Blue” was created to represent the Salt Lake City neighborhood most likely to have an “In this house, we believe science is real” sign posted in the xeriscape: the 9th and 9th District. This progressive little Salt Lake haven is where the Maven District—a hub of 40 plus women-owned businesses—was born, it has one of the most seasoned yoga studios in the city, a dollop of cute coffee shops, and gelato to write home about, among other things. The idea behind The Whale is to celebrate this “community that bursts through expectations, that commands respect for nature and varying ideas and identities.”

Read the full piece here:

A Whale of Two Cities
I’ve started measuring time by Before Whale (BW) and After Whale (AW). All of my future romantic rendezvous, duplicitous business dealings, and tête-à-têtes will be conducted by furtively passing along notes that say, “Meet me at The Whale at midnight.”

With Series Tied 1-1, Jury's Still Out On Whether the Jazz Are Good Or Not

Logan Jones talked us through things to look forward to and also things to dread about the future of the Jazz.

This first-round series against the Luka-less Mavericks—tied at 1 game apiece, for those who skipped the headline—has a little something for everyone so far. If you’re among the Utah faithful still hoping Mitchell and Co. can pull off a surprise playoff run, swiping home-court advantage from Dallas certainly leaves plenty of room for optimism. For those finding it difficult to believe in the Jazz after so many blown chances, evidence the Jazz might already be doomed unfortunately continues to mount.

Read the full piece here:

With Series Tied 1-1, Jury’s Still Out On Whether the Jazz Are Good Or Not
Well here we are in mid-April, still wondering whether the Jazz are actually a good basketball team.

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