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Join These Prominent Community Leaders And Advertise On The Beehive

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Panic! At the Reptile Expo

Arianna Rees went to the Reptile Expo last week and subsequently blessed us by bringing a hot Thor tortoise handler into our collective consciousness.

I’ve never really considered reptiles to be particularly worthy of love or rights, if I’m being totally honest, but less than five minutes into Reptile Con, I found myself radicalizing on the expo floor. I was ready to Blackfish this entire event, sweep my arm across every table until the entire room was a writhing pit of creepy crawlies freed from their captivity. But almost every subsequent table had a new, bizarre scene that made me quickly forget any thought of activism.
Still blinking away my unexpected introduction to the reptile prison industrialized complex, I meandered into a group of people sifting through a freezer that turned out to be a mass grave of vacuum-sealed dead rats lined end to end like bratwurst. People dug through that freezer like it was a bargain bin. Maybe it was—I don’t really know what the going price for dead rodents is these days. One guy was holding a sack of rats up to the light like a Mormon mom trying to determine if the shirt her daughter found in the Juniors section was too sheer. Tossed in the freezer like embryonic sacs were also bags of baby mice, pink and fetal and dead. I turned away and glimpsed a man gulping down chunks of pico de gallo and burrito from a tin, the combined effect of which was so obscene as to make me nearly dry heave on the expo floor.

Read the full piece here:

Panic! At the Reptile Expo
I’ve never really considered reptiles to be particularly worthy of love or rights, if I’m being totally honest, but less than five minutes into Reptile Con, I found myself radicalizing on the expo floor.

The Jazz Might Really Be Dead

Logan Jones commiserates with us about the Jazz's dismal performance this season.

The texts that poured in last night, you guys. They weren’t desperate or discouraged. They were bitter. One buddy asked the group chat if someone could “please fly to Milwaukee and punch [him] in the face for allowing [himself] to watch this stupid ass Jazz game.” I couldn’t help but think of all the dedicated Jazz fans I know personally throughout Utah flinging their remotes in disgust last night, only to wake up this morning still in a bad mood to read this very article and let the depression wash over them once more.

Read the full piece here:

The Jazz Might Really Be Dead
While it’s probably never wise to make such sweeping pronouncements in March (even if it is late March), it certainly feels like last night’s loss to the Clippers was the breaking point for the sputtering Utah Jazz.

Jazz vs. Mavs Preview: How Will Luka's Health Impact The Series?

Logan Jones also gives us the background going into the Jazz vs Mavericks game.

Simple as it may sound, Utah’s whole season may come down to whether Dallas risks playing Doncic too early off of the injury or errs in the other direction by holding him out too long. If he’s on the floor, Utah hasn’t demonstrated the ability to do much of anything on defense against quality perimeter players. If not, this is still a Jazz team with some star power and a recent playoff pedigree. The West’s 4- and 5-seeds have been on opposite trajectories for months, but one big Game 1 victory Saturday might be all Utah needs to remember what it’s like to care about winning.

Read the full piece here:

Jazz vs. Mavs Preview: How Will Luka’s Health Impact The Series?
Utah’s 49-33 record, good enough to edge Denver for the Northwest Division title by a game, places this perplexing squad at no. 5 in the Western Conference.

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