Scare Me

This week we published a scary story from reader Brianne Wheelwright called The Figure.

The Figure
The first night it happened, I was fully awake, sitting up in my bed. The tall, dark figure was in my bedroom, blocking the doorway. I started screaming, my husband who was next to me woke up and the figure disappeared. I stopped screaming and tried to explain the unexplainable.

It is very spooky and I very much want to read more stories like it, so I'm kindly requesting—nay, kindly demanding—that if you have a spooky tale to tell you email it to me at I want my inbox freaking FLOODED with stories that will keep me up at night.


L.R. Encinas recaps the latest episode of RHOSLC, an episode that featured some truly outrageous pants.

The cameras are rolling and Coach is telling on Jen. Of course there’s no shovelers at this house of cards. Of course she wouldn't offer to bring her husband a coat until the cameras were there.
You know she’s shooting him daggers with her eyes trying to tell him telepathically to play along. Anyone who’s been in a busy public restroom with small children while they’re, um, going through something, has been there. “Mommy, wow, that’s really stin—” “HAHA CHILD YOU’RE SO FUNNY IT SMELLS BAD EVERYWHERE HERE IT’S THE AMBIANCE.” But I digress.

Read the full piece here:

RHOSLC Season 2, Episode 5: The One Where Whitney Earns Her Paycheck
Lisa and Whitney are getting into it and Whitney is holding her own but they keep getting interrupted by the server, which is a Housewives trope I love. Stopping mid-argument to accept a steaming hot plate of pie and then going right back into the fight takes finesse and an artist’s touch.


This week on Hive Mind: the men of Michelle's season of The Bachelorette and the latest housewife shenanigans.

Hive Mind
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The first Hive Mind Halloween episode on...wait for it...Halloween. And a run down of the best burgers and fries in the state. Watch for it in your inbox Monday.