Spirit, Halloween

I have a five-year-old nephew who loves Spirit Halloween and has memorized every item on the website. He waits all year for abandoned RC Willeys to transform into the spookiest retail franchise. His time has finally arrived, and for the last few weeks, he's been hitting Spirits all over the valley.  According to him, the best Spirit Halloween is at South Town mall, and this week I had the absolute honor of visiting this location with him.

Dare I say it was the greatest hour of my life. He excitedly told me the name of every animatronic and demonstrated their terrifying functions.

I walked out of the store having purchased $200 worth of plastic skeletons,

and feeling truly blessed to live in a land of so many abandoned RC Willeys.  


On Alarm Chimes and Three Digit Mileage

Justin Davies is preparing to run a 100 mile race because apparently that's something people do of their own free will?

This is going to be my first attempt at running a 100-miler, and I’ll be honest, I’m starting to panic. It feels almost impossible to wrap my head around running for 100 miles. Even after spending a handful of years in the “ultra scene,” and running a couple pretty solid 50-mile races, 100 miles has always felt to me like something entirely different.
“Oh, these legs? Yeah, they’ll just keep going for 100 actual miles. 24, 27, 30 hours. Walking, hiking, and running day and night? Heat, rain, or snow? Almost 22,000 feet of climbing? Oh, no, yeah, of course I can do that. That tremor in my voice? Oh, that’s just normal.”

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On Alarm Chimes and Three Digit Mileage
Alright, it’s 4:00 AM on August 14th, “Playtime” has done its job and got me out of bed at this truly ludicrous time. Why? Well, it’s my 40th birthday and to celebrate, I’ve chosen to run 40 miles.

RHOSLC Season 2, Episode 2: Salt Lake Valley or the Uncanny Valley?

L.R. Encinas is back with her recap of RHOSLC episode 2.

Meredith says, “All we want from Brooks is to identify as our son—no more, no less,” which is one of the sweetest sentiments I’ve heard coming from one of these stupid shows in a long while. When she followed that with: “Retweeting something is as good as saying it,” I almost fell off my couch because, frankly, how dare she make two coherent, true statements consecutively.
With wild horse eyes, Meredith says that Jen’s tweeting is “ENOUGH.” And then the editors add a cell-block sounding sound bite to remind us that they think Jen is guilty of fraud.

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RHOSLC Season 2, Episode 2:Salt Lake Valley or the Uncanny Valley?
With wild horse eyes, Meredith says that Jen’s tweeting is “ENOUGH.” And then the editors add a cell-block sounding sound bite to remind us that they think Jen is guilty of fraud.

I Went To Phenomecon

And I wrote about it for Deseret News.

We were perhaps the most receptive audience possible for these speakers. I was ready to soak in every detail of what Walton experienced on the alien ship and what Knapp knows about Area 51, and what exactly a prehistoric watersnake is doing in northeastern Utah. But instead, I found my attention waning as each speaker spent hours trying to prove they aren’t frauds.
I don’t need proof. If they’re frauds, the joke’s on me — my $150 should have made that clear.

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Opinion: I went to Vernal, Utah, in search of tiny green men. What I found might be stranger
Suddenly the $150, six hours in the car and depletion of my travel rewards points all felt worth it.

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This week on Hive Mind we did a deep dive into LulaRich, we covered the latest on Bachelor In Paradise, and The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 2. Plus Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend.

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