That's A Wrap (This Is A Mummy Joke)

Take Your Family To See A Dead Body

From five millennia ago.

In May, the Natural History Museum of Utah opened their doors to Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs, an exhibit that will run through the end of the year.

On Saturday I took my whole family, a choice some might call unwise.

I'll admit, there were moments when I regretted escorting a toddler into a room full of precious, fragile artifacts. But, despite my two-year-old's most violent tendencies, the well-protected artifacts remained unscathed and inspired awe in us all. Especially the ACTUAL MUMMY in the final room. A REAL MUMMY. WRAPPED AND EVERYTHING. LIKE WHAT BRENDAN FRASER SAW IN THE CINEMATIC CLASSIC THE MUMMY. HERE. IN SALT LAKE CITY!

It was an experience well worth the hassle of wrangling three children and waiting in a long line for.

Reservations are required and can be made here.

Stories To Watch

In the middle of this seemingly eternal week (how HOW is it only Wednesday?) I'm revisiting this heartbreaking piece from my dearest friend Eli.

I’ve told people about these experiences over the years. Usually in an attempt to help someone understand what going to BYU might have been like for someone like me. Usually in an attempt to encourage some empathy.
“Nobody forced you to go there,” I’ve been told on many occasions. “I agree,” I say, wondering how there can be such a disconnect that that could be someone’s first response to a person sharing their trauma.

I'm thinking of all the LGBTQ BYU students and alumni who are sharing their experiences, and hoping they're being met with open minds and eyes.

I'm also thinking of this story from Ben Winslow on parents in the Concerned Coalition who are suing the state of Utah and Salt Lake County over restrictions on mask requirements in schools.

"The Utah Constitution provides that every person is entitled to a free and safe public education. These laws that have been enacted by the legislature since, seem to fly in the face of that. They say you can still go to school but you don’t have to wear a mask. If that’s not safe, you’re effectively saying you can’t go to school," Skordas said. "These kids want to go to school. They want to get the education they’re entitled to under the constitution."

Similar lawsuits in other states have had varying degrees of success. Meanwhile the number of infections and hospitalizations among Utah's children continues to increase.

What a time to be a parent.

T Minus 19 Days Until RHOSLC

I wrote about the season 2 trailer, which features some of the wildest hats I've ever seen.

Here’s my theory on the hats: Both were purchased at Disneyland. Jennie’s outside the Matterhorn right next to where you can get those macaroon mountains, and Jen’s in the Bippity Boppity Boutique. Like most Disneyland purchases, they seemed like a good investment at the time. And like most Disneyland purchases, they became a stupid waste of money the moment they left the park property. But while us normies Marie Kondo our bridal mouse ears and Lightning McQueen commemorative mugs, Jen and Jennie are both stubborn enough to wear those mistakes out in public and convince themselves it’s fashion. If I’m being honest, I respect it.

For Your Auditory Enjoyment

This week on Hive Mind we have a review of the HBO miniseries White Lotus,

a series that was divisive at best.

Plus a deep dive into the premiere episode of Bachelor In Paradise season 7,

and an ode to the sorority hopefuls who gripped TikTok Nation for an entire week.

Strangerville Live

The September 3 show is completely sold out, but there are a few tickets left for September 4. It's the same show! The same four hilarious storytellers! Same venue! Same time! Just a different night!

Coming Up On The Beehive

The Washington Post published this very weird article about a grown man who eats like a baby and claims to not like Indian food, as though all food in India is one single dish. Our esteemed food writer (and Jeopardy alum!) Anneke Garcia will, handily, decimate the anti-Indian food stance and highlight some of the best local Indian spots.

Look out for her piece in your inbox this Friday.