The Utah Way, Marijuana Cash, Smash Box

The Utah Way, Marijuana Cash, Smash Box

The Utah Way (Clint Betts, The Beehive)

Politics, elections, Coal Country, and the Utah way. “This is the part where I say elections are important and it’s our civic duty to participate by entering the voting booth and pretending like the future we believe in matters. And the truth is, it does matter. A lot. Well, maybe not a lot. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. I mean, you should vote. Just don’t get too full of yourself. You’re not that important. Sure, we get to vote on whether medical marijuana should be legalized by voting for or against Proposition 2, but you didn’t really think our votes mattered, did you? Haven’t you heard, cute and naive citizen? A great compromise has been reached. Let the adults make the decisions while the rest of us try not to opioid and chill.”


Feds say marijuana cash has been used to build and run The Complex music venue in Salt Lake City (Sean Means, Salt Lake Tribune)

Marijuana cash is either the sickest band name or the shady foundation of SLC’s The Complex. Or both. It’s probably both. The three operators of The Complex were indicted on multiple counts of weed-fueled shenanigans, amongst them buying and moving 2,500+ pounds of marijuana and laundering $5 million through multiple companies (including The Complex). According to the article, there was a shocking and unexplained revelation: “In one instance, the indictment states, $1 million in cash was vacuum-sealed in the shape of the Empire State Building for delivery to a California supplier.” This is the real story that nobody is exploring. How is a vacuum-sealed bundle of marijuana cash shaped like the Empire State Building less suspicious than a vacuum-sealed bundle of marijuana cash shaped like a vacuum-sealed bundle of marijuana cash?


First 'smash room' in Utah lets customers smash away stress (Tania Dean, KSL TV)

People are paying money to bash old tvs with baseball bats. Phat Axe in American Fork has opened a room for people to rage in, offering customers the opportunity to walk inside a room filled with bottles, plates, tvs, and furniture, and crush to their heart’s content. One smash room enthusiast said, “Every time the bottle would smash and you saw all the million pieces you’re like, ‘Yeah, I did that!’” Another said, “Sometimes it’s fun to be really aggressive and just smash something.”


Why Oslo's 'greedy method' may be the answer to Utah's air pollution woes (Erica Evans, Deseret News)

Utah’s air is garbage, plain and simple. Through a grant from the Solutions Journalism Network, Deseret News is exploring solutions to our garbage air problem. First stop is Oslo, Norway, where citizens wear dope-ass sweaters and breathe inversion-tainted air. Things are improving, however, thanks to the greedy method: “Instead of waiting for a perfect solution to come along, city officials try and implement whatever small change they can, whenever they can.” Seems reasonable, and also a stark contrast to Utah’s current tactic of “everybody buy a big truck.”


This Is The Place Podcast (Meg Walter, Chris Rawle, The Beehive)

A mugshot, a joyride, and a 7-11 free for all.


Hive Mind Podcast (Meg Walter, Eli McCann, Nick Morley, The Beehive)

The Good Place is a good place to spend 30 minutes.


2 Strike Bunt Podcast (Chris Rawle, Clint Betts, The Beehive)

Basketball, fighting, media, and technology. It’s kind of depressing.


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