This Is The Place Podcast: Get, Garry & Gail

This Is The Place delivers wide-ranging, rarely serious commentary on Utah "news." Hosted by Meg Walter and Chris Rawle, This Is The Place examines Utah-centric stories that range from inspiring and relevant to completely bonkers.

In episode 99, a house in SLC is stockpiled with trash and everybody's favorite Get is on the case: Get Gephardt. Chris and Meg rename themselves as Garry and Gail. Despite the efforts of Get, Garry, and Gail, nobody can make these hoarders clean their own trash and taxpayers keep footing the bill. Garry tells a story about alien abduction and house foreclosure. Gail is sick and blows her nose on air. They determine the trash house mystery to be unsolvable and move on to counterfeit money. Why is it so easy to make and why aren't we doing it? Gail thinks a 3-foot photocopier is the same height as Garry and they both commit to printing their own money moving forward.

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