Beehive Eats: Kitchen Staples

Beehive Eats: Kitchen Staples

On this episode of Beehive Eats, Irene shares her Disney Cruise culinary adventures, and Meg shares her adventures eating at the Lone Star patio. Irene describes her corn salad that wins hearts at every barbecue, and Meg describes an easy ratatouille. Then they share the kitchen staples they always have on hand — canned goods, aromatics, spices, proteins, and more.


Oh, welcome to Beehive Eats. I'm Meg, and I'm here with Irene. Hey, Irene. Hi, Meg. How are you?

Speaker 103:46

I'm, you know, I'm surviving. We're here. It's a nice day.

Speaker 303:46

Beautiful day.

Speaker 103:48

I look like an Efy counselor today.

Speaker 303:52

I don't know if you're ready. It's patio season?

Speaker 104:01

It's patio season. So tell you why you've been eating? Cable off. You know, I actually haven't been eating in a lot of places lately. So I am sorry.

Speaker 104:02

I was recently on a cruise.

Speaker 304:03

Oh, no. Tell us about the cruise.

Speaker 104:12

Tell us about it on the cruise. I went on the Disney cruise. The Disney Wish which, by the way, has a documentary on Disney what's it called? Disney Plus?

Speaker 304:21

Disney Plus. Okay. There, this has nothing to do with food. But they have a show about the animals in their animal kingdom that I love. Really?

Speaker 304:24

It is it's like the zookeeper's taking care of VM.

Speaker 104:26

Oh my gosh. I wanna watch that. It's

Speaker 304:28

I don't remember. Just type an animal kingdom anyway.

Speaker 204:29


Speaker 104:38

on. So it's their newest ship. It it I don't know. Sales, I guess, is the verb out of Cape Canaveral. So we went to Florida.

Speaker 104:56

We did a 4 night cruise. And Brandon's whole family was there. So it's fun. Honestly, I will say okay. I don't I don't know how to how to frame, like, the information I'm giving you about the Disney cruise.

Speaker 105:06

If anyone's going on the Disney cruise, feel free to message me or something, and I can give you more info. I will say, like, I don't remember any of the food on the busy cruise.

Speaker 305:08

But you don't remember it being bad.

Speaker 105:17

Right. Right. It was all totally decent. Because I have been on a very trashy cruise before, like a Carnival cruise in, like, the nineties, maybe. Wait.

Speaker 105:23

What year. Yeah. Yeah. I think it was probably the nineties or or early outs or something. And that was a bad cruise.

Speaker 105:40

And I remember the food being bad and disgusting. And I feel like at that point in time of history, it's like, oh, yeah. Cruises are amazing because food is unlimited and all this stuff. So I was, like, looking forward to the food. But then you think about, like, a food the food on a cruise and it's like, wait.

Speaker 105:46

All this food has to be, like, food that can be, like, shelf stable for several days.

Speaker 305:48

So Do you see triangle of sadness?

Speaker 105:52

No. Okay. Don't. Wait. No.

Speaker 105:56

I saw, like, what's the 1 that's, like, the worst person in the world? Have you seen that 1?

Speaker 305:58

No. But, like, similar vibes. Right?

Speaker 106:24

Yeah. It was Anyway, but the food on the Disney cruise was totally decent. Like, I was and I didn't go to this 1 restaurant, but there is a restaurant there called Anshante. And a friend of mine has been was recently on the same cruise and went there. And she's it's like run by a Michelin Star chef.

Speaker 106:33

It's like and she said it was like the most amazing meal of her life. And I think it was like 250 dollars, like, fixed price, fixed menu or whatever. So But for that I'm assuming. Yeah. I think so.

Speaker 106:50

Like, but worth every penny, like, she thought it was so good. I will say, okay. I will say there are tons of different restaurants and options for food. And 1 of the things I discovered there is that there's a princess and the frog themed bar area.

Speaker 206:51


Speaker 106:56

And you can get this the what are they called? The beignets. You can get the beignets there. And Can

Speaker 306:57

you get, like, dumbo?

Speaker 106:59

No. It's, like, more I

Speaker 207:00

mean, I don't I don't know

Speaker 107:15

what other food they serve. It's, like, more of a bar and so, like, 1 of the only food items is the Benier. And so I was, like it was, like, late at night 1 night, and I was, like, the kids were, like, sleeping. And I was, like, I'll just go walk around wander. And so I was like, I discovered they had benny's.

Speaker 107:29

I was like, are you serving benny's at like 11PM? She's like, yeah, all day. So I went there and I they come in like packs of either like, 2 or, like, 4 or whatever. I don't know. And I was like, okay, I'll get 2, and I'll eat 1 and I'll bring 1 back to Brandon.

Speaker 107:33

I ate 1, and I was like, I immediately need the next 1.

Speaker 307:35

I can't Yeah. Just yeah. You can't eat it.

Speaker 107:54

I had to, like, I ate 1, and then I ate the other 1. And then I was, like, to my server, I was, like, I was supposed to bring that 1 to my husband, and hate it. So you're gonna have to read me more. So it was great. And, like, the lunch op are like buffet stuff.

Speaker 108:22

So, like, when we first got on the ship, we had been we had like a terrible flight there. It was like a red eye and we had just eaten like Starbucks like muffins and stuff. And so we were starving when we got on the ship. And as soon as you get on, there's, like, just like, lots of options of of different food. There's like pizza, and there's a barbecue place, there's like like burgers and fries and chicken fingers and stuff, and then there's like a Mexican style cantina place.

Speaker 108:42

So we got pizza. First thing we first thing we did Totally, like, we ate that pizza probably like 4 times while we were there. There's unlimited ice cream, like soft serve ice cream cones guy, I think, ate like 12 over the course of 4 days. So it was really great. I will say big mess with a cantina and not having chips and salsa.

Speaker 108:50

There's no chips and salsa and there's no guac. And I just feel like when you're poolside, you want chips and salsa. Like -- Yeah. -- why?

Speaker 308:53

Yeah. Diet coke chips and salsa.

Speaker 108:55

It's like why wouldn't why? Why?

Speaker 308:59

I mean, you should write. You should write a strongly worded letter to Bob Biker.

Speaker 109:06

So anyway yeah. It was great. It was great. Good. Anything else?

Speaker 109:23

You know, this was I did this a while ago, but I forgot to talk about it. I went to that hot chicken place. Here, we are recording currently in Lehi, Utah. There's a place up by Traverse Mountain and it's like Houston hot chicken. Oh, yeah.

Speaker 109:33

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And it was really good. I just got, like, the original sandwich with, like, whatever is on the normal thing, and it was very good.

Speaker 109:36

Very similar to, like, pretty bird or something.

Speaker 309:52

And delicious. So I am looking this up because I had Thai food in Lehigh a while ago.

Speaker 109:53

Oh, please tell me where it was.

Speaker 309:58

I'm wondering if this is It. Yeah. Bond Thai cuisine.

Speaker 110:01

Did you eat in the restaurant or

Speaker 310:02

did you get restaurant.

Speaker 110:07

Was it like a 2 story like house? Yeah. I've been there. Wait.

Speaker 310:09

No. It wasn't like a house. It was in a strip mall.

Speaker 110:11

Okay. Never mind. But it was so good. Really?

Speaker 310:12

It was so good. What'd

Speaker 110:13

you get?

Speaker 310:18

I went with, like, a huge group. Mhmm. So we got some of everything, and it was all really, really good.

Speaker 110:20

There's 1 in Park City. It looks like to

Speaker 310:22

Bon tie. Yeah. I think that's what's called. Anyway.

Speaker 110:24

Wait. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 110:24


Speaker 310:27

I am gonna tell you where I've been eating. Yeah.

Speaker 110:28

Tell me. I wanna know.

Speaker 310:37

Thank you. Thank you for your interest. Loanstar, it's now warm enough to eat on the patio. Ugh. So I'm there at least once a week.

Speaker 110:38

That place is so good.

Speaker 310:39

It's so good and it's about

Speaker 110:51

10 minutes from my house. So yeah. And I also feel like that decor is quite eclectic and interesting that you're you're always entertained. Yes. Just being like, what where are we?

Speaker 110:57

What is this place? But it's always so good. Their beans what is it something about their beans

Speaker 210:57


Speaker 311:05

was eating myself the other day, and I bumped into a bay leaf. And I was like, ah, they put bay leaves in their beans. Oh. Yeah. Alright.

Speaker 311:15

I get the quote unquote salad, which is lettuce, chips, beans, rice, and a protein. I've started doing salmon. So the other day, the fish of the day was salmon. It's always different. Right?

Speaker 311:18

It was salmon on my salad, and it was delicious.

Speaker 111:26

That sounds amazing. Every time I make salmon at home, I try to have, like, lettuce on hand -- Yeah.

Speaker 011:26


Speaker 111:29

so that I can always make a salad.

Speaker 311:31

What is it about salmon on a salad?

Speaker 111:41

I don't know. It's so it's because, like, it's I think it's because it goes so well with, like, acid. Like, with a vinaigrette or, like, a lemony garlic y vinaigrette is so good on salmon.

Speaker 311:47

Yeah. I've been eating it in the Nordstrom grill a lot because, again, it's close to my office.

Speaker 111:50

And The Nordstrom, the cafe? Yeah.

Speaker 311:51

So -- Okay. -- at City Creek. Yeah.

Speaker 111:52

Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 311:56

It's a great place to, like, do interviews to meet people to do in med school.

Speaker 111:57

That's fun.

Speaker 312:05

Yeah. I love that place. I watched someone eat the French dip for the first time the other day, and that was such a fun experience for me. Wait. Tell me why.

Speaker 312:12

Because the friendship is so good. It's, like, a bigger crowd to do it for me to be, like, you order this and have them like it.

Speaker 112:16

It's not a comfortable food to be eating around somebody who's watching it.

Speaker 312:19

While you're having a conversation. But if you're both doing it, it's fine.

Speaker 112:26

Oh, and their fries are so good. That olive there's like a olive taupeonade. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 112:32

There's like a taupeonade top of type type of Aioli or something that you dip your fries in.

Speaker 212:32


Speaker 112:36

Why is it so good? It's so good.

Speaker 312:43

So good. And they're fries -- They're fries are so good. So -- thin and crispy, and they have rosemary on them. Yes. They're really salty.

Speaker 312:52

Oh my gosh. So good. I got the other day because I'm a health queen. With my Chick fil A, I got the kale sack salad as a side.

Speaker 112:57

Oh, I didn't know there was a kale salad. 1 hale health. 1 hale of a hale.

Speaker 313:08

1 hale. Of a kale salad. Like, really? Yeah. It's got like a mustard vinaigrette on it, and it's kale and cabbage, and it comes up with some it comes with some smoked almonds.

Speaker 113:16

It's okay. I do order the salad there. Like, the salad's good. Yeah. And they used to I don't know if they have this anymore.

Speaker 113:20

They had like asian y 1 that I would get all the time.

Speaker 313:21

They don't they have they don't

Speaker 113:22

have that 1. Right?

Speaker 313:22

Southwest 1.

Speaker 113:24

Yeah. They have the Southwest Club,

Speaker 313:25

and they have a market.

Speaker 113:25


Speaker 313:29

Yeah. You Which are all good, but, like, I want the spicy chicken tenders.

Speaker 113:37

To say this, but I recently for the first time, ordered the wrap at the Chick fil A good? Thankfully. It was. It was an antler wrap

Speaker 313:41

for some reason. I think you know why, because at BYU, I used to go to that

Speaker 113:44

wrap, please. Yes. Oh my gosh.

Speaker 313:49

That I could taste it. I can taste it. And I got, like, unhinged things. I put, like, salsa in it.

Speaker 114:05

Because they had those Naho taco things there. I will say the chicken at the BYU eat Whatever what's like in the milk? Every chicken comes from the same place in the milk. I used to work at the ice cream place in that in the milk? Uh-huh.

Speaker 114:19

And all the chicken is, like, the same chicken. Like, they just give it to all the restaurants. And every time I ate that chicken, it made me wanna queue. So Yeah. Just so you know, that chicken there is not good.

Speaker 114:23

Hopefully, they've changed their source since we've been in college though.

Speaker 314:38

Hopefully, I, the other day, was driving home from something, and I was thinking about the quinoa I was about to make and I got so sad that I immediately, like, I passed Gorman Deez, and then I did a u-turn and went back. Because our Gorman Deez has a drive through.

Speaker 114:42

Oh my god. I know. I actually recently did go to Normandy's, and it was so good.

Speaker 314:59

I mean and you have to accept that you're gonna spend, like, 22 dollars on a salad, which is what I did, but I was just in 1 of those days. And I got the Mediterranean Nyswa salad. It was there. Chicpea, their hummus, Ball, what's it called? Flafel awful awful.

Speaker 315:05

It was so good. It was so good. And I just had, like, the most pleasant lunch Dude,

Speaker 115:08

I'll do anything for a pleasant lunch. I'll pay 22 dollars for a pleasant lunch, you

Speaker 215:08


Speaker 115:09

It was

Speaker 315:21

it was worth it for me that day. And then finally, last last hot tip I wanna offer. I was at my office the other day, and I was starving. So I ordered Jimmy John's, and I got it with the peppers on it.

Speaker 115:21


Speaker 315:23

They're spicy banana peppers.

Speaker 115:24


Speaker 315:32

Delicious. Alright. The Vito with Jimmy's peppers, amazing. Best thing I've ever had. Wow.

Speaker 315:39

I I see your enchante, and I raise you with Jimmy John's veto sandwich with peppers on it. What have you been cooking?

Speaker 116:04

Well, that's a good question. I recently was invited to a barbecue, and my favorite thing to I think we've talked about this, but I'm gonna talk about it again because it's also barbecue season now, which is so fun and great. My favorite thing to bring to a barbecue is this, like, it's a corn it's like a fresh cut corn off the cob. Can you find the

Speaker 316:05

corn right now?

Speaker 116:19

Well, that was that was 1 of the problems that I had, which I didn't realize was that there is no fresh corn on the cob. But I do love this out still. But you can find the corn on the cob in the packages, you know. Oh, yeah. So I got that.

Speaker 116:42

And I will say this salad, I had like, I think a friend brought it to our house several years ago, and I've just tried to remake it through memory. And so, like, every year, it gets, like, somewhat distorted. And, like, every year, I'm, like, What is in this salad again? I can't remember. So I asked her for the actual recipe and I made it according to the recipe, and let me tell you.

Speaker 116:44

This thing is freaking hit.

Speaker 316:45

It is. Okay.

Speaker 116:58

What is it? So court fresh corn on the cob. Yeah. And also, I was recently watching Kelsey Nixon's stories. And she just, like, open fire on the stove on her gas stove just like roasts her corn on the cob, which is genius.

Speaker 117:10

But I just did it, like, you know, 4 or 5 minutes in boiling water. Cut the corn. Also, cutting the corn. Why are we all trying to cut the corn with the corn vertical? We don't make that corn horizontal.

Speaker 117:13

On the cutting board, and then your corn doesn't fly everywhere.

Speaker 217:14


Speaker 317:15

That's 1 of those things where

Speaker 117:17

Like, why don't why have you been doing that?

Speaker 317:18

Selling flour and paper bags, you

Speaker 117:23

know? What how is flour supposed to be sold? How do you want flour?

Speaker 317:25

In a bag that doesn't, like, explode?

Speaker 117:45

000, okay. So it's got fresh corn on the cob. It has diced red bell pepper. It's got fresh jalapeno cut in there. And very small diced red onion.

Speaker 118:07

Which I also let You're doing like a really small dice. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And I also soak it in ice water just get kind of the the sting out of that onion. Then you make a dressing with lime, olive oil, some sort of vinegar, I think, like white wine or rice or something, and cilantro.

Speaker 118:14

And the trick is you add 8 ounces of of cotija cheese. You mix that all together? Yeah.

Speaker 318:15

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 118:23

It is so good. People were freaking out about this salad, freaking out. It was all gone by the time I left this barbecue.

Speaker 318:25

I'm so happy for you. It was so good. Feeling.

Speaker 118:33

So anyway, I recently remember how you had went through a phase of making gigi hadid's vodka sauce.

Speaker 318:34

Yeah. Made it last night.

Speaker 118:34

You did?

Speaker 318:37

I put shrimp in it. Took it to a Oh. Another level.

Speaker 118:51

Really? Okay. So I was looking at that vodka sauce recipe and I was also looking I well, I follow this guy, Eric. I wanna say his name is Eric Kim. June Kim.

Speaker 119:08

Eric June Kim. He's like a contributor to New York Times cooking. So he was like, I was trying to make this vodka sauce, bake, and then it would kept splitting. Anyway, so I was like on this, like, vodka sauce, like, type of, like, spiral. The vodka sauce in the New York Times cooking app has 5005 servings.

Speaker 119:10

So I just made ended up making that 1.

Speaker 319:14

So that the difference between that 1 and the 1II know this because I looked up the New York Times yesterday.

Speaker 119:15

Crushched tomatoes.

Speaker 319:16

Yeah. As opposed to tomato

Speaker 119:30

tomato paste. Yes. So I didn't actually have any crushed tomatoes, but I had those, like, the whole peeled tomatoes, like, the ones that look look really Italian in the camp, like, that you get from World Mark. Same. Okay.

Speaker 119:53

But I think I disagree about the tomatoes in a can, but we'll talk about this in staples. Yeah. So I guess the the diff the difference between crushed tomatoes and like, whole peeled tomatoes in a can is that crushed tomatoes actually has tomato paste within the can. Interesting. So I added some tomato paste and I crushed the tomatoes, like, with my blender or whatever.

Speaker 120:04

And then I did that. And the amount of vodka in that sauce is a lot. Very different. I use 3 quarters cup of vodka, and I think Gigi's is only like 2 tablespoons. Yeah.

Speaker 120:09

But it was it also is like for a pound of pasta. So maybe it's the quantity too.

Speaker 320:13

I mean, the 1 I makes for a pound upon Oh,

Speaker 120:14

it is. Okay. But I

Speaker 320:16

think because you're adding so much more tomato maybe. Yeah.

Speaker 120:17

Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 320:18

Yeah. The vodka. Show off.

Speaker 120:23

So the reason I found this out. The reason for the vodka is to disperse the fat

Speaker 220:24

better, actually. Oh, I thought it was because there's

Speaker 120:36

cream. No. It's for, like, the way wait, because you add cream into it, so it's, like, the way the cream cooks or something. I don't know. Yeah.

Speaker 120:42

Anyway, it was so good. And Did you

Speaker 320:43

do a protein or just pasta?

Speaker 120:50

I just did the frozen meatballs from Trader Joe's. Amazing. Which are really good.

Speaker 320:55

The Costco ones are good too, except I did get food poisoning from them?

Speaker 120:57

No. You didn't. How? They're cooked.

Speaker 320:58

I know.

Speaker 120:58

I don't know.

Speaker 321:04

I think maybe they're in the freezer for too long. Or I think maybe I was stressed and that's why I was throwing up a bunch, but now I still

Speaker 121:07

The rowing? Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 321:08

I could get them for

Speaker 121:10

something else. Oh, it could always have been

Speaker 321:16

something else. But now that was, like, the last thing I ate before I got sick, so forever in my mind.

Speaker 121:16

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 321:18

You know? Yeah. I get that.

Speaker 121:21

Okay. About you. No. I'm gonna that I've talked a lot. You can

Speaker 321:22

think you're doing a great job.

Speaker 121:23

I made I made a big zedie.

Speaker 221:23

I did

Speaker 321:24

Alison Roman's big zedie.

Speaker 121:36

Oh, let's commit. You know, I did a penny and then

Speaker 321:44

you do it's like a lasagna except you're just doing penny. So but her tomato sauce is really good, and it calls her tomato sauce,

Speaker 221:44

which I never buy, but you can

Speaker 321:55

make by combining tomato paste. With water. Okay. Which I did, and it was great. And it has, like, onion in it, and then it got, you know, like, oregano and whatever.

Speaker 322:22

So I layered the whole thing. You do, like, the ricotta and parmesan mixture and then the sauce. And I I was in a little bit of a hurry, and you're supposed to do a layer of mozzarella between all of them, and I just, like, forgot to do the mozzarella. I got so into, like, ricotta pasta sauce, ricotta, that I completely forgot. So it had been in the oven for, like, 5 minutes, and I had 1 of those, like, And so I pulled it out of the oven -- Mhmm.

Speaker 022:22


Speaker 322:32

dumped it all into a bowl, a bowl, and then just, like, threw mozzarella in it. Okay. So instead of layer It was just like a glob of ingredients, put it back, put some mozzarella on top.

Speaker 122:34

Oh, so now all your layers are messed up. Yeah.

Speaker 322:36

But guess what? Still -- It was amazing. -- freaking delicious.

Speaker 122:37

Are there -- Okay.

Speaker 022:38


Speaker 122:44

delicious. Are there vegetables in this besides the onions of it? Are there, like, chunks of zucchini or okay. No.

Speaker 322:48

It was amazing. Even my kids were like, this is the best thing I've ever had.

Speaker 122:54

Really? I know. I know. Kids. Even Even Ivy who has a tomato thing?

Speaker 322:57

No. But Ramona Ramona was inside.

Speaker 122:58

And that's who we wanna impress.

Speaker 323:03

Yeah. I made ratatouille Oh, yes. I mean, Spanish ratatouille.

Speaker 123:05

What does that mean? Just the spices

Speaker 323:08

that are different? Yeah. It's a little bit spicier, and I put, like, manchego cheese on top.

Speaker 123:09

Oh, okay.

Speaker 323:13

I don't ever buy eggplant. I don't -- Oh.

Speaker 023:13


Speaker 123:15

eggplant is so good.

Speaker 323:20

Yeah. But I didn't use it. Oh. I just did extra zucchini and it was still Amazing.

Speaker 123:46

It's funny because everyone had well, when I lived in France, I felt like I had, like, 18 different versions of attitude and everyone has like a version of like why they say their attitude is the best. And I never I mean, if you think about it, Raju is just like cooking a bunch of vegetables together, you know. But I when I was a nanny there, the nanny mom was like, you gotta cook each of the vegetables separately. That's what

Speaker 323:51

the New York Times told me to do. I was like, I'm not doing that. I'm not doing that.

Speaker 124:06

Because, like, then the flavors, like, come out more. And so she would do the meat separately, and I thought this was kind of interesting. She would put tomato paste, and, like, mix it all together at the end. And I was I mean, it was still good.

Speaker 324:09

If you think about it, it's just, like, it's impossible to mess up really.

Speaker 124:24

But And then I had a friend who would, like, make all the different vegetables separately and, like, kinda place it in a pan and then, like, roast it in a pan after. Which was actually pretty good too. So it's almost like a pie. You know? Yeah.

Speaker 324:39

Which I feel like is the 1 I'm used to doing, but this was this was, like, make everything in a pot and then top it. It was more like a stew kind of. Oh, interesting. Like eating What did I serve it with? I don't remember.

Speaker 324:44

I think just some bread. And so it was, like, just more of, like, a delicious slow Okay. Okay.

Speaker 224:44


Speaker 324:52

I did it from the milk street cookbook I told you about, so it was done in under an hour. Mhmm. And it was I used diced tomatoes and Like,

Speaker 124:54

from a can? Yeah.

Speaker 325:02

Which is what the recipe calls them. Yeah. Yeah. Zucchini, a squash, an onion, and it was amazing. Alright.

Speaker 325:02


Speaker 125:03

I'm not mad about it.

Speaker 325:12

Let's talk about our staples. That's that's the subject of the day. We've said for, like, 9 weeks that we're gonna talk about this, and we are actually gonna do it.

Speaker 125:26

So yesterday, when we were talking about what we're gonna talk about, I was like, let's do it in categories, and then we just kept messaging each other categories. We're like, oh, it turns out we have a lot of Okay. So here's okay. So here's my question too about Staples. Let's define Staples first of all.

Speaker 125:40

Are these things that we just always have? Are these things like like if I like, we literally cannot live without. Because that's a little different. Because I could I could maybe we could do, like, a if I had to pick too, then I would pick these ones too. You know what I mean?

Speaker 125:43

Because, like, 1 my 1 of my first categories is aromatics.

Speaker 325:46

Yeah. We always have to have onions.

Speaker 125:49

K. Always have to have onions and garlic. Garlic. Always. Yeah.

Speaker 325:53

What I I'm adding shallots to that. Okay. I always need shallots on here.

Speaker 125:58

Yes. Okay. All okay. So here's more. Like, I actually always like to have stuff to make a Mirpoix.

Speaker 126:12

So now I always have or I prefer to have celery, carrots, onions. Obviously, garlic, and, like, I always have ginger. Yeah. I bought minced ginger that I can Oh, that's smart. Okay.

Speaker 126:23

I what I've done is I peel my ginger and I cut it into chunks, and I put it in my freezer, and then I just shred it on my What mandolin? No. My Microplane. Yeah. Microplane.

Speaker 126:24

I I always use

Speaker 326:26

a microplane for garlic and for ginger.

Speaker 126:29

I don't for garlic, but I do for ginger.

Speaker 326:33

I used to just keep a ginger root in the freezer and pull it out when I needed it.

Speaker 126:58

But I'm gonna start buying the ones because you can get them in Trader Joe's. I feel like ginger Like, I don't I just wanna pop it out and use it. But for some reason, garlic, I like almost love the ritual of, like, peeling the garlic, minceing. I just use my food processor, like, put it in my food processor, and then I keep it in a little container in my freezer, which is essentially the same thing as them, you know, triggers, they have the same, like -- Yeah.

Speaker 026:58


Speaker 127:09

minced garlic in little pockets, but, like, some I just, like, love I don't know. It's some like, kinda reminds me of my mom. I remember, like, helping her peel garlic as a kid. I'm, like, there's something to ritual.

Speaker 327:16

Yeah. Ritually. I actually keep my garlic bulb in the freezer and then just pull 1 out as needed.

Speaker 127:17

That's smart.

Speaker 327:20

So I get like a huge amount of garlic at Costco and eat it.

Speaker 127:23

Yeah. Also in aromatics, I always have green onions.

Speaker 327:36

Okay. Green, I yes. I need to be better about green onions. I bought some and then regrew them. You know, stuck them in soil and let them grow but I just killed the last 1.

Speaker 327:37

So I need to go start over. But it's great.

Speaker 127:38

I'm impressed. That's 1 of

Speaker 327:43

the things I wanted to have to talk about. Is grow as many herbs as you can.

Speaker 127:54

My problem is so do you keep them inside? Yeah. On my windowsill. See, I have a very bad house for direct light. I have almost no direct light into my

Speaker 027:54


Speaker 127:54

Yeah. -- house.

Speaker 327:56

You could get 1 of those Yeah.

Speaker 127:58

Things. They're just so ugly.

Speaker 328:01

They're ugly. Yeah. And they take us up counter space.

Speaker 228:01


Speaker 128:07

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I thought about Because I truly buy a pot of basil like every I peel that basil into I

Speaker 328:12

don't think basil you can keep alive. Like, basil, I use the plant, and then I toss it.

Speaker 128:20

Okay. But people are doing it. People are keeping things physical. I don't know. But I feel like I'm buying 1 once every 10 days because mine dies immediately.

Speaker 128:30

Immediately. Granted and I don't have to give a garden. I have an idea of a I have like I have planter boxes, but there's no soil in them. They've been there for 2 years. Mhmm.

Speaker 128:35

Also, if anyone has landscape designer, please send them my way. I need help.

Speaker 328:37

I do have someone for you. I'll tell you.

Speaker 128:37


Speaker 328:48

Yeah. But I do the herbs I'm always growing are basil. I usually have, like, 2 or 3 thoughts of basil going because when you use basil, you use a lot of basil, like, you'll clear out whole plant.

Speaker 128:49


Speaker 328:50


Speaker 228:52

parsley? Parsley is

Speaker 328:52

a good 1 to have. Divint.

Speaker 128:54

Mint. Yeah.

Speaker 329:07

I have tried so many times to grow cilantro, and it is impossible. Really? Do not think you can grow cilantro in Utah If anybody knows how to throw cilantro

Speaker 129:09

in Utah, please let me

Speaker 329:11

know because I have tried and failed probably 10 times.

Speaker 129:21

So have you seen the trick with cilantro that like you stick it in a cup of water in your fridge. And it doesn't like, it won't regrow, obviously, but it just stays longer. Yeah.

Speaker 329:22

So I can try that.

Speaker 129:23

Because I do I

Speaker 329:24

just love the fridge space.

Speaker 129:29

Yeah. That's fair. What was me?

Speaker 329:33

I have to buy more Cilantro. So Cilantro was the 1 where I do, like, actually have to buy it. Yeah.

Speaker 229:33


Speaker 329:35

then if it's weird, like, I'm not growing a lemon fry.

Speaker 129:40

Okay. Yeah. So are there I guess that goes under does that go under aromatics or that go under

Speaker 029:40


Speaker 329:41

I don't know.

Speaker 029:41


Speaker 129:44

no. It's herb. We it's not a category, so we're not talking about herbs.

Speaker 329:48

Okay. V vegetables.

Speaker 129:53

I feel like for vegetables could, for me, can go under my mirepoix -- Yeah.

Speaker 029:53


Speaker 130:09

and also under freezer. So the ones I really always have are those Patit Harry Aricovares from I don't know how to say that. Petit, what? Aricovares. The the small like, the petite green beans from Trader Joe's, the frozen fruit.

Speaker 330:09

Oh, okay.

Speaker 230:10


Speaker 130:23

they say on the package, Arikavirsk. And so that's what, like, I don't know how to say it in English, but whatever. So they are just, like, skinnier. They're really thin green beans, and I love them. Yep.

Speaker 130:23

They are so good.

Speaker 230:24


Speaker 330:25

how do you prepare them?

Speaker 130:41

So often, I'll just boil them and add olive oil and salt. Sometimes, I will if I'm, like, eating a bowl, like, a quick meal, like, rice, egg, soy sauce, like a little chili oil, I will throw that in, like, the microwave for a minute and just, like, chop them up and add them to my bowl.

Speaker 230:41


Speaker 130:50

They're just really easy and really good. Yeah. You could also just, like, fry them up I fried them up with, like, garlic, you know, in in like a pan

Speaker 030:50


Speaker 130:52

Mhmm. -- and cook them that way.

Speaker 230:52


Speaker 130:54

They're just so good. What about you?

Speaker 330:56

I always have carrots. I always have celery for the miracle.

Speaker 130:58

Like you said, I keep peas,

Speaker 331:00

green beans, and corn in my freezer.

Speaker 131:01

Yes. Same.

Speaker 331:09

And then I like to rotate through vegetables I can roast, so like brussels sprouts. And I roast green beans, and I roast asparagus.

Speaker 131:15

Yeah. I like having asparagus, but it's not a staple for me. I buy it when it's on sale and I like it.

Speaker 231:15

Yeah. But

Speaker 131:20

it's not stable. I look like broccoli too. Like, I don't always have it on hand, but I do like it. Yeah.

Speaker 231:20


Speaker 331:25

know? Also, we always have red peppers, and we always have cucumbers. Really?

Speaker 131:31

Yeah. Cucumbers is 1 that I Oh, you know what else I always have? I always have green leaf lettuce. I always have green leaf lettuce. I do romaine.

Speaker 131:42

And I have recently because I've gone through phases of like buying it fresh or buying it, like, they have containers now that are like plucked off and just like in a plastic thing -- Yeah.

Speaker 031:43


Speaker 331:44

like And I have tried growing that

Speaker 131:48

too. You've grown it. No. Not the ones that have, like, the

Speaker 231:48

earth on it.

Speaker 131:54

The root. Oh, okay. Just like ones that are picked off, and It says, like, washed and, like, ready to eat. And, like Amazing. Okay.

Speaker 132:12

So I was doing that for a while because I was like, yes. This is so much easier. And then, I got to, like, the middle of 1 of my packages once, and there were, like, bugs. I literally saw, like, dead nap in that and I'm, like, never again, never again, why buy this lettuce? Because, like, now I just have to wash it anyway.

Speaker 132:12

Yeah. You

Speaker 332:13

know? Okay.

Speaker 132:34

But I love a green leaf lettuce because I love A a to me, a green leaf lettuce with a good vinaigrette is like just a side that I can always eat. I I do a lot of mixed greens. Okay. Seemix cream to me. It just gets too I I just need I need it I need it just green.

Speaker 132:34

Got it.

Speaker 232:34

Love it.

Speaker 132:38

No mix. Love it. For me. But, you know, that's me. Fruit.

Speaker 132:47

I always have apples yeah. I have bananas. They don't always have bananas.

Speaker 332:51

Pineapple. A lot of this is for smoothie. Pineapple? Yeah. I love pineapple.

Speaker 332:52

I love pineapple in my smoothie.

Speaker 132:54

Like, a fresh pineapple.

Speaker 333:00

You always have a fresh Every time we do a Costco. So I don't go to Costco, I do Instacart. Okay. And I always have them pick up a pineapple. Really?

Speaker 333:04

Yeah. It just adds shocks me. Really? Why?

Speaker 133:14

I don't know. Just pineapples is not 1 of the things I always buy. It's not a staple for me. But you know what I do? For fruit often is I buy, like, the frozen packs from Costco.

Speaker 133:28

Like, they have a frozen pack with, like, I The 1 I have now has, like, pineapple and peaches and mangoes. Yep. And I u do you use the clean clean simple eats first minute? No. Okay.

Speaker 333:33

I use the Costco has, like, an organic plant based vanilla protein powder.

Speaker 133:43

Okay. There's a cleans and bleats 1 that's coconut flavored. So coconut with that mix, and a little bit almond milk and some spinach. It is so good.

Speaker 333:53

Okay. Okay. I always have frozen strawberries. And this time of year, I'm always getting fresh strawberries, and they last in my house for 30 minute because my kids devour them.

Speaker 133:54


Speaker 333:55

I keep frozen raspberries.

Speaker 133:59

Like, do you freeze them yourself?

Speaker 334:01

No. Oh, bye. And, like,

Speaker 134:03

I it's so easy to just

Speaker 334:10

make a jam out of them. You just stick them frozen in a pan, add some water, add some not even water, add some sugar, add some lemon juice. Mhmm.

Speaker 234:11


Speaker 334:19

mean, it's not gonna keep forever. It's not like freezer jam, but you can like, use it immediately in a cake or with rolls or whatever, and it's Yeah.

Speaker 134:34

I will say, I I make a batch of, like, a strawberry rhubarb freezer jam. Like, 2 or 3 times a year and I just keep it in my freezer and it is the like, I don't know why we are buying Jammat stores. It is so that that 1 brand? No. Bun memo.

Speaker 134:37

I don't agree. You don't like it? It is not better than freezer jam.

Speaker 334:42

It's Yeah. But I, like, I'm not gonna make blackberry jam. You know, for, like, the weirder ones, I'm like, yes.

Speaker 134:43

Yes. You are. Okay.

Speaker 334:49

I'm not. I'm telling you I'm not. But Oh. Kinda canned stuff you always have on hand?

Speaker 135:07

I always have tomato sauce because my kids well, guy, 1 of my kids loves grilled cheese and tomato soup, and so I'm all I'm making tomato soup like once a week, where I just get a and I don't like tomato soup from a can. But if you make tomato soup from a can of tomato sauce, Okay. So what are you adding into it? So good. And so easy.

Speaker 135:20

Okay. So I start with olive oil and I cook a little bit of minced garlic until you can just, like, until fragrant. I pour a can of tomato sauce in. I let that cook for a little bit. I pour a can of chicken broth in.

Speaker 135:32

I let that cook for a little bit. At that point, I, like, div divvy it out into, like, 2 or 3 parts depending on how many people are eating, and I and I freeze some of it at this point. Then the rest of it is

Speaker 335:33

it in what? What kind of

Speaker 135:48

just like a like a plastic temporary kind of container? Then at that point, I add cream, and that's literally it. Like, it doesn't even need more seasoning than that. And the tomato sauce I get is the is just the Costco like the Kirkland brand. So I'm always buying tomato sauce.

Speaker 135:54

So for cans I mean, I have a lot of cans around, but the things I really need are tomato sauce and chicken broth.

Speaker 335:59

Yeah. Okay. I always have diced tomatoes. I always have I always

Speaker 136:02

have diced tomatoes too, but I don't usually use my diced tomatoes.

Speaker 336:08

I use my diced tomatoes probably once a day. Once a day -- Yeah. -- in what? Everything. Everything.

Speaker 136:17

When I have diced tomatoes, because my kids hate chunks, I am always blending it. And then it becomes tomato sauce. And I'm like, well, I might as well just have just keep buying tomato sauce.

Speaker 336:29

Well, maybe it's because my kids are weird, and I'm like, Fine. Don't eat it. But, like, I use it in place of whole tomatoes. I use it in place of tomato sauce. Like, I just am using it all the time.

Speaker 236:30

I am shocked by this.

Speaker 136:42

Dice I mean, I have diced tomatoes too, but I don't use them that much. I mean, I have like a lot of canned things. I don't use them that much. Like, I0I do use refried beans a lot or like seasoned black beans or something like that.

Speaker 336:45

I I have black beans. I always have black beans.

Speaker 136:46


Speaker 336:50

I have green chilies to add -- Gonna beans. -- I have coconut milk

Speaker 036:51


Speaker 336:55

Mhmm. -- garbanzo beans. Usually a couple cans of, like, kidney

Speaker 036:56


Speaker 336:57

Yeah. -- or white beans -- Yeah.

Speaker 036:57


Speaker 336:59

some, like, of the weirder beans.

Speaker 137:07

Okay. PS, did you know this? I recently found this out. Do you know what butter beans are like a thing now? Like, people are like loving butter beans.

Speaker 137:15

Yeah. Did you know that butter beans are just lima beans? No. Really? Literally.

Speaker 137:17

They just rebranded as butterbean.

Speaker 337:18

That's I'm good for them.

Speaker 137:19

Wait. Is it Lima?

Speaker 337:22

Lim. I don't think it is. No. Lima tastes different.

Speaker 137:41

I'm googling it because I saw a TikTok and I googled it. Butter beans are lima beans. Butter beans are large cream beans that are filling nutritious, these, da da da, wide, right, k. They are Hold on. Hold on.

Speaker 137:42

Fresh young beans

Speaker 237:42

sometimes called baby limas.

Speaker 137:52

So I they might be like a different they might be picked at a different time. Okay. But they are the same bean as a lima bean.

Speaker 337:52

That's really mean.

Speaker 137:54

Isn't that shocking? Yeah.

Speaker 337:58

Good for them. Yeah. You know that new Stary drink is just Sierra Mist.

Speaker 138:00

What is Stary? You know, there's, like, a

Speaker 338:07

bunch of billboards in Salt Lake. And it's, like, try Stary. And it's just, like, discount sprite, like poor man's sprite.

Speaker 138:10

Well, you know, whatever whatever we can do.

Speaker 338:13

Whatever we can do. Okay. What kind of snacks you always have on hand.

Speaker 138:14

Okay. I'm actually not that much of a snack.

Speaker 338:16

Me neither, but my kids are.

Speaker 138:42

And I for me, 1 of the snacks I really like to have on hand, there's like a mix trader Joe's and there's a mix at Costco that I recently found that I really like. It has it's like a trail mix type of mix, and it has cashews, almonds, and craisins. The 1 at Costco has blueberries and added yogurt chips, which I think is perfect. Because whenever I get the the Trader Joe's 1 just has the nuts and the craisins, and I always add like a pack of M and M's to it. Mhmm.

Speaker 139:08

But the Costco 1 is nice because I don't have to add anything to it. And it's so good. And it's a little bit salt here. My fan my like for Brandon, the his like snack, go to snack is just chips and salsa, so we always have the chips, the Juanita's chip, Juanita, or Juanita's. And this also we I we prefer the Trader Joe's, like I don't know what it's called.

Speaker 139:21

It's in the refrigerated section, and it might be, like, roasters and but it's, like, in the plastic container in the refrigerated section. Very good. Or we get layers when it's miss. It's like a private selection like restaurant style or something that's true.

Speaker 339:29

What about you? Snacks. So we always do have chips. The Juanitas are, like, almost too much for me.

Speaker 139:30


Speaker 339:38

So I've just started buying, like, the Harmond's brand, and they're pretty good. I try and always have, like, Pico de gallo made and in the fridge.

Speaker 239:39

Oh my

Speaker 139:39

god. Well,

Speaker 339:40

because I make a bunch of it.

Speaker 139:42

Are you using diced tomatoes for pico? Are you

Speaker 339:44

using fresh tomatoes? I actually use grape tomatoes.

Speaker 139:45


Speaker 339:52

And so I usually try and have that in the fridge. My kids are, like, carb obsessed We always have wheat thins. We always have goldfish.

Speaker 139:53

Mhmm. And

Speaker 340:01

I'm going for snack. I usually I kinda like. I do usually need like a 02:30 something. Like, because I'm in the I'm the work day. I'm, like, kinda in a wreck, you know, I'm tired.

Speaker 340:09

So I've started buying the dried mangoes from Oscar. Okay. Yep. Delicious. I do like apple and cookie butter.

Speaker 140:14

Oh, that's fun. I do always have cookie butters now.

Speaker 340:26

Just feel like a bowl of chocolate chips. I know that's kind of ingredient mom behavior, but sometimes it no one's mad about that. What about proteins? What proteins do you always have?

Speaker 140:51

Okay. I always have I've been going through different phases of protein, to be honest. So I will say, I'm in a phase right now where I I, like, usually want some sort of chicken part, and I usually, at this point, I'm picking picking thighs. Mhmm. And I have to remember that I do not like the size that come from Costco in the packs that are already packed that you just stick in your freezer that, like, you pre

Speaker 340:52

You don't like them?

Speaker 141:02

No. They are so fatty and I spend half an hour cutting the fat off. They're like and then when I cook them, I just I like, I feel like I throw half of

Speaker 341:04

it away because it's like, you don't like skin on it?

Speaker 141:12

There's no skin. It's not the it doesn't have the skin. It just is like it's boneless skinless, but there it's, like, messy.

Speaker 341:14

Not in a bag. Do they come in a big bag?

Speaker 141:20

They come in a a pack that has, like, 10 8 packs of chicken. Okay. I agree.

Speaker 341:21

But I get it with, like, skin on.

Speaker 141:33

Air chilled or something. Oh, I don't get it with the skin on. But that's maybe smarter. But I just feel like Honestly, the chicken thighs I get at Trader Joe's are, like, perfect. Mhmm.

Speaker 141:36

They're just, like, so easy and they're good and they're ready

Speaker 041:36


Speaker 241:37


Speaker 041:37


Speaker 141:44

where I'm, like, chicken thighs I get at Smith, I'm like, this is a this like, this seems gross.

Speaker 341:45

Yeah. Gross.

Speaker 142:14

Unless you're like getting the organic ones. For some reason, the chicken thighs at Smith's like really grossed me out. And then the chicken thighs at Costco, like, they just feel it seems like they like put it through a machine that's very not precise, and then they like spit out a chicken thigh, and I have to cut it so much. So I do like a chicken thigh though. And also for proteins, I usually have I've been going through, like, a sirloin thing right now.

Speaker 142:26

Okay. And are you grilling it? So what, there's a couple different dishes I use it in. There's like a sirloin and celery dish, which is more like a stir fry. So I cut it up into chunks.

Speaker 142:45

I use it in different stews and stuff like Korean stews have, like, I use a sirloin in that. So not really grilling, really. But it is nice to just, like, have on hand. Yeah. And then I didn't used to do this, but I've and like the sirloin, I I started doing because I saw it fresh at Costco.

Speaker 142:49

It's like, this is maybe a good idea because I'm going to a grocery store once a week to buy cereal. I might as well just get it

Speaker 242:50

here. Yeah.

Speaker 143:01

So I, like, was cutting them into, like, 1 pound chunk and then, like, freezing them like that. And then the I just get ground I have ground beef too. Oh, yeah. Keeping the freezer? Yeah.

Speaker 343:18

So I always have ground beef that's in the freezer. I have bacon in the freezer. I learned you can freeze pancetta, so I have pancetta in the freezer. I have chicken tender tenderloin, chicken thighs. Sometimes I buy the skin on, sometimes I buy them in the bag.

Speaker 343:19

Which maybe try that.

Speaker 143:25

Yeah. I don't I think I just need a biometrator. Doesn't just, like, make simple biometrics. You know what I mean?

Speaker 343:28

Yeah. I have salmon, halibut and shrimp.

Speaker 143:40

Wow. I do have salmon, usually. And I also will say, I buy the rotisserie. I know this grosses some people out, but I buy the rotisserie chicken that's already off the bone that just comes over half. That's the best.

Speaker 143:52

And I know a lot of the people I know, I feel like are like, oh, I'm, like, afraid of, like, weird meats and it's like in juices. I'm like, don't be afraid of meats. Like, just like touch the meat. You know what I mean? Like, people don't wanna touch raw meat.

Speaker 144:04

I'm like, just I mean, I guess that's fine for for for well, I also will say 1 of the things I started doing is, like, keeping a pack of, like, nitrile gloves in my kitchen and then, like, It's not as crust to touch me, you know. Yeah.

Speaker 344:06

Where do you get them? Amazon?

Speaker 144:10

This 1 I got at a random nail supply store. Me.

Speaker 344:12

So Amazing.

Speaker 144:24

But, yeah, the rotisserie chicken off. And then I like cut them in chunks, and I flash freeze it, and then I like save it in bags. And so it's already chunked and, like, cut and then really easy to just, like, fry up. Yeah. Love it.

Speaker 144:26

Love it. Spices? Spices.

Speaker 344:32


Speaker 144:33


Speaker 344:35

Paprika. Uh-huh. Chili powder.

Speaker 244:35


Speaker 344:36


Speaker 044:36


Speaker 144:37


Speaker 044:37


Speaker 344:38

bay leaf.

Speaker 144:50

I will say I could live without chili powder. Really? Yeah. I mean, there's enough other stuff, you know. Garmisala, you have to get it at Carmen's.

Speaker 144:53

The garment I do use garamisala for a few.

Speaker 344:54


Speaker 044:54


Speaker 144:55


Speaker 044:55


Speaker 344:56


Speaker 145:03

I don't use mustard them, but I do have it. Turmeric. Yeah.

Speaker 345:07

Paprika? Did I say paprika?

Speaker 145:10

You get small or regular? Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 345:17

Cayenne, red pepper flakes, Those are like those are the ones I'm using all the time.

Speaker 145:27

I love that these are our staples. We're like, there are 20 things. I will say. So I I use that Mollibas cookbook a lot. Yeah.

Speaker 145:43

And she the way she, like, presents the ingredients, it's like, produce and, like, things you probably need to go buy or, like, proteins and it's, like, pantry staples. And on 1 of them is, like anchovies. And I was, like, Okay. I guess. I do

Speaker 345:46

feel like maybe you and I are in, like, a different kind of

Speaker 146:03

I guess my pantry's I mean, I do actually have anchovies on hand. So do I. Okay. So spices, I'm pretty much the same I don't think there's anything really different there. Every once in a while, I do use, like, garlic powder, but -- Mhmm.

Speaker 046:03


Speaker 146:15

not that much. What about what do I oh, what about condiments? Besides like ketchup, we all have ketchup. I have a deli mustard. Is it, like, brown?

Speaker 346:27

It's, like so there's Dejean and there's deli and the deli is, like, spicier and chunkier. Okay. Always a balsamic, always a red wine vinegar.

Speaker 146:28

Are those condiments?

Speaker 346:33

I mean, I'll I Alright. Alright. I'll accept it and I'll accept it. I don't know.

Speaker 146:43

I don't know. I always I now need kiwi in my fridge, which is the Japanese now. By kiwi.

Speaker 346:50

Yeah. I bet you better. It is better. K. And because I saw it the other day, and I was like, I only I don't just eat mail.

Speaker 346:56

I am always mixing it with stuff court? Who's eating mayo? I mean, like, people put mayo on their sandwich. Okay. Dude, I'm not

Speaker 147:00

putting mayo on my sandwich. You're making an aioli to put

Speaker 347:02

in your sandwich. 2 1 must or to mayo.

Speaker 147:08

Okay. No. QB is great. And now it's a staple, and I need it in that.

Speaker 347:12

So you even use it in, like, mayo based salads and stuff.

Speaker 147:14

Yeah. I will yeah.

Speaker 347:22

Okay. Okay. Thing is, once you try stuff like that, like, once you try the kerrygold butter, it's like, oh, crap. Dude, I just bought

Speaker 147:46

them at Costco because Costco didn't have the Costco kind of butter, which which I usually buy. My the my dijon mustard is I cannot live without it, and there was, like, a mustard shortage in France last year. And what people were it was illegal to be buying more than 1 container of mustard. Literally. And I was like, oh, I have, like, 3 of those from Harman's in my cupboard right now.

Speaker 247:46


Speaker 347:48

don't know how good we have it.

Speaker 147:58

And because I always want a vinaigrette, like a homemade vinaigrette on hand. And to me, the mime without the my dijon mustard, it's not as good.

Speaker 347:58


Speaker 148:05

Those are my those are my ones. I I have, like, j dog's sauce in my version.

Speaker 348:13

I mean, yeah, I'm not, like, a huge condiments girly. I do, like, Rellish. Yeah. Dill. Dill.

Speaker 348:21

Never, like, a bread and butter pickle, like, a diet. Oh. I'd rather die. Yeah. We have more on this list, but I think we've already been a little excessive.

Speaker 348:29

We'll be back in a couple weeks to talk about, I don't know, something else great. It's gonna be, like, warm, and we're gonna be excited

Speaker 148:35

about it. We've been doing this for a long time. I'm sorry that people have just been, like, sitting listening to the list of things in our

Speaker 348:50

Oh, also, if you've made it this far, I'm sorry about the 4 minutes of silence in the last episode. That was an editing glitch. Sorry to the hundred and 50 of you who listened before I caught it. Thank you still for being here if you are. We'll be back soon.

Speaker 348:58

Thanks so much for listening. Oh, and we're doing a Top Chef bonus episode. So Subscribe to our bonus feed to hear that if you haven't already. Goodbye. Bye.