Knock, Knock, It's The Vaccine Missionaries

Olympic-Sized Love Story

Olympic crushes are par for the course, but I’m crushing hard on a couple? Salt Lake residents and Olympic softball players Anissa Urtez and Amanda Chidester are the first couple to ever compete against each other in the Olympic Games, and damn they are cute. And inspiring:

“Anissa Urtez stopped in the middle of pacing the base paths Friday night inside Tokyo’s Yokohama Baseball Stadium. She set her eyes on home plate, where Team USA player Amanda Chidester had just stepped into the box and lifted her elbow and bat slightly above her right shoulder.
Urtez’s expression, like that of a lion on the prowl, didn’t soften. No smile came to her lips.
It didn’t matter that her future wife was up to bat. Urtez plays for Team Mexico, Chidester does not. And both had come to win.”

I'm crossing "become an Olympic athlete" from my bucket list and adding “find an Olympian wife.”

Chris Rawle + Aaron Rodgers = True Love

This week on No Baller, Chris talks about Bryson DeChambeau and the capacity athletes have for change, the Texas and Oklahoma announcement that they are leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, which sent shock waves through the college football universe, and (count 'em) THREE glorious episodes about Aaron Rodgers: Superbowl or bust, rings culture and the measurement of an individual player's success, and Rodger's optimism and greivences with Green Bay management as he faces the final years of his career.

Strangerville Live Is Back And Vaxxed

Strangerville Live has a new show on September 9th at The Shop Workspace in SLC at 8 PM. Easiest promotion ever:

Get your tickets here.


There's a revelation in this Hive Mind episode about the film Fried Green Tomatoes that's hard to hear and it's not about the cannibalism. On Thursday's show, Meg and Emily talk about Bennifer and receiving $1M in Chili's gift cards.

Knock, Knock, It's The Vaccine Missionaries

After a recent poll showed that "faith-based" approaches are more effective for education and outreach, the Biden administration is hoping a door-to-door campaign will help educate on the COVID-19 vaccine and encourage those hesitant to get vaccinated:

"Some descriptions from door-to-door canvassers sound like they came straight from religious missionaries, too. “I’m not here to make your mind up for you. I’m here to help you along the way,” one Louisiana volunteer told a local newspaper, rehearsing her typical pitch. When asked about his strategy, another said, “Work for the ‘yes’ but respect the ‘no,’ and have faith that the ‘no’ will turn into a ‘yes.’” And when one Missouri woman yelled, “We’re not interested, thanks,” through a closed door (and over the sound of a barking dog), the volunteer politely said, “All right, thank you,” and stepped off the porch."

Look, I am the worst missionary. But I do believe in doing what's best for the common good, especially if we get to wear pants and choose our companions. Dibs on Dr. Angela Dunn.