We Always Knew The Emperor Was Naked

Or at least in hideous, disintegrating leggings.

For me the most baffling part of the LulaRoe tragedy, as chronicled in the Utah-adjacent four-part docuseries which premiered over the weekend on Amazon Prime, was the excitement with which human women purchased and wore LuLaRoe apparel.

I know fashion evolves quickly and it's been years since LuLaRoe was at the height of its popularity, but I'm confident there has never been (and never will be) a period in sartorial history when pairing top hat leggings with a star-studded tunic was on point or well-advised.

In a podcast episode later this week we'll get to the meat of the series and the predatory practices employed by the LuLaRoe ownership and management, plus the unsavory mixing of religion and commerce—but I would be remiss if I did not address how bizarre it is that a business had a meteoric rise to success selling crappy leggings in, objectively, the ugliest patterns imaginable.

I felt like the only person on Facebook back in 2014 willing to say the emperor had no clothes, and I'm glad I'm finally getting the validation I craved for the better part of a decade.


The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 2 Episode 1

L.R. Encinas is recapping this season of RHOSLC and we're off with a bang.

Next we bop over to meet Jennie, the newest Salt Lake Housewife who comes to us by way of Lisa Barlow. Jennie seems fun and interesting, with an incredible story of escaping Vietnam as a child in the bottom of a fishing boat. She has a very cute family with a precocious daughter and chiropractor husband who seemed nice and pleasantly handsome, but who she—without guile—basically called ugly. Which was a new one for me as a long-time Housewife watcher. This bodes well for Jennie and her Housewives career.

Read the full piece here:

RHOSLC Season 2, Episode 1: I’m So Excited, I’m So . . . Scared
I am here to watch this show so you don’t have to—although you definitely should—and to talk some good ole fashioned shit. I am genuinely scared of these women and I plan to be shady the way God intended: behind their backs.

Aloha, Influenced

In Aloha, Influenced, L.R. Encinas reminisces about the time she shared a gestational period with influencers in Hawaii.

When I can’t sleep, I have a bad habit of making things worse by spiraling myself down Instagram’s rabbit-hole Explore page. It was there last winter, when I was very pregnant and things were very Covid, that I discovered—nay, explored—a pointedly unnatural phenomenon that seemed to auto-populate like spring water.
There are all these white 20-something women living on the North Shore of Hawaii and they’re all the same. And they all know each other. And they were all pregnant. All at the same time. Being pregnant myself, my feed was maternity heavy. Insomnia is a hell of a drug and I was certainly on some sort of a trip. In fact, a Hawaiian one.

Read the full piece here:

Aloha, Influenced
When I can’t sleep, I have a bad habit of making things worse by spiraling myself down Instagram’s rabbit-hole Explore page.


Hive Mind
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This week on Hive Mind we covered the abomination that is Amazon Prime's Cinderella, the latest on Bachelor In Paradise, and the premiere episode of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Season 2.


Justin Davies is preparing to run 100 miles. In a row. Altogether. In the same day. I can't process that information but in his piece coming Friday, Justin will explain how and when he lost his mind, and what the preparation looks like when one embarks on a ONE-HUNDRED-FREAKING-MILE RUN. Look for his piece in your inbox Friday.