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Why Tho?

Why Tho?

Massage This Cow & Pay Me $75

Cow cuddling is a new wellness trend. Why tho? Chris and Clint also discuss late night jokesters, dog mayors, birthday spanking, cow massages, and connecting with nature.

Paintmaster Tony vs Sherwin-Williams

Chris and Clint discuss the long, winding story of Paintmaster Tony vs Sherwin-Williams. They then celebrate Country Music Monday with an Alan Jackson song about being sexually attracted to a truck.

Grinch Belly

Ugly sweater parties are popular. Why tho? Chris and Clint also discuss Mel Magazine, Instagram, gonzo journalism, sweater versatility, and grinch belly.

An Organic Spanking

Traditional birthday celebrations are bad. Why tho? Chris and Clint also discuss the Liberty University threesome scandal, erotic desserts, birthday spanking, organic celebrations, and candles.

Quinn Finite, American Hero

Team building exercises are common in the workplace. Why tho? Chris and Clint also discuss OnlyFans, waitresses, Joe Diffie, trust exercises, and laser tag.

Ted Cruz, Don't Bring That Ass In Here

Roller derby was the greatest sport of the Great Depression. Why tho? Chris and Clint also discuss Bernie Sanders, Mr. President, Ted Cruz, basketball, and asses.