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Why Tho?

Why Tho?

Hmmm, That Is An Interesting Question

Personality tests have never been more popular. Why tho? Chris and Clint also discuss jalapeno burgers, Oreo shakes, Slimfast, job interviews, businessisms, and 64 ounce sodas.

And Now, Representing Yugoslavia...

Break dancing will become an Olympic sport in 2024. Why tho? Chris and Clint also discuss Macklemore, world records, angels, Tiny Tim, 8 Mile, and the gem state.

Manatee & Me

Elf on the shelf is creepy as hell. Why tho? Chris and Clint also discuss manatees, Huffy bicycles, dogs, airing of grievances, and Rosie the elf.

DJ Apple Pen

EDM was popular and now not so much (PART 2). Why tho? Chris and Clint also discuss Idaho, Spain, disgusting country lyrics, DJs, STEM, and glasses.

Waiting On A Woman

Welcome to Country Music Monday. Chris and Clint discuss a dog/owner reunion in Alabama before dissecting the lyrics of noted country comedian Brad Paisley.

EDM: Erectile Dysfunction Management

Does EDM stand for Erectile Dysfunction Management? Chris and Clint also discuss rich cows, Connecticut, firefighters, the Baltimore Orioles, and Santaquin, UT.