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The Beehive

The voice of Utah.

Meg Walter

Editor In Chief. On a lot of podcasts.

Eli McCann

Writer of and a lot of embarrassing journals in the 90s.

Chris Rawle

L. R. Encinas

Rebbie Brassfield

Rebbie is short for Rebecca.

Clint Betts

Publisher & Executive Editor

Arianna Rees

Peter Christiansen

Writes about science, videogames, and history. Codes stuff. Has proper respect for bees.

Jolyn Metro

In Utah but not of Utah. I live for comedy, crosswords, and television.

Rachel Swan

Rachel Swan is actually an editor.

Liese Rodger

Lives in Salt Lake City, is shorter than most 12 year olds, reads 1-2 books a week, and considers pasta to be its own food group.

Stuart Summers

A marketing professional by day, and a traveler to obscure corners of the world by night.

Benjamin Wood

Benjamin Wood is a writer whose work has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, The Salt Lake Tribune, and City Weekly. He's also a biker, ukulele player, and cinephile.

Austin George